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... The nurse that did my test at the health club last week said that it is very unusual to have such low triglycerides with such a high LDL reading. ... (5 replies)
... Arkie6, To answer your question again, I do have some additional and corrected values. One day I will go back and look up all my tests in the past 5 years for comparison of pre and post-MI. From a recent report issued to me(through work) on my history: 8/29/1997 BP 170/112 Chol: 269 Glucose:124 Wt: 220 3/29/2000 NR NR Glucose:348 Wt: 227... (9 replies)
... Good point ZippyDawg. Below is a list of some foods in the lowest GI/GL cateory. Lowest Glycemic Index 1 thru 55 & Lowest Glycemic Load 1 thru 10. Food (GL, GI) All-bran cereal (8,42) Apples (6,38) Carrots (3,47) Cherries, raw (3,22) Chick peas (9,42) (10 replies)

... After battling high Triglycerides for 10 months, I am finally clear of the problem by my doctor today. ... (9 replies)
Aug 16, 2007
... I feel pretty bad right now to be honest , I guess after 42 years of abusing my heart and body it will probably take me longer then 12 days of doing the right thing to feel better eh? ... (8 replies)
... Don't be alarmed. Those #s aren't that bad. Your TRIG is high (should be below 150) and you can get that down with taking FISH OIL least 2 Grams NET DHA/EPA content. You should also cut down on the carbs..say by further lower the TRIGS. Your LDL is fine and so is the Total. The HDL is a bit low and should exceed 50. Regular exercise (aerobic) will raise that. (12 replies)
... be greatly appreciated as I am a novice with this problem and don't really know how bad my numbers are. The only thing that seems way off the chart to me is the triglycerides and, to be honest, some of the posts I have read here are even higher. So, please tell me, where do I go from here? ... (12 replies)
... consume 2000mg of Omega 3 a day. It goes to show that triglycerides is highly responsive to diet and life style changes. And I did not take any medicine as I am allegic to some of them. ... (12 replies)
... cinnamon daily. Within 3 months his triglycerides went from 301 to 150. ... (4 replies)
... Estimated LDL-C versus Direct LDL-C The first reason to use the VAP test in clinical practice is that it provides a highly accurate and directly measured LDL-C. As eloquently argued by Sniderman in the last issue of Fats for Life, Friedewald never intended for his equation to calculate LDL-C in persons with triglycerides > 150 mg/dl. In 2001 ATPIII, recognizing the... (20 replies)
... Okay, an update, as 3 months has passed since I bump my fish oil and switch to RYR. My previous results: May 22, 2011 Total Cholesterol - 259 Triglycerides - 187 HDL - 42 LDL 188 (8 replies)
... 8 weeks ago I had my cholesterol checked. Here are my numbers: Total: 268 Triglycerides: 154 HDL: 69 VLDL: 31 LDL: 168 Dr. wanted me to go on meds., I said no I would try to get it down on my own. Got new results today as follows: Total: 218 Triglycerides: 208 HDL: 48 VLDL: 42 LDL: 128 Much better for the most part, but what happened to my... (24 replies)
... I don't remember my triglycerides or total cholesterol score. I do remember that my doctor said that my triglycerides was ok. ... (24 replies)
Sep 28, 2007
... Hi Arizona, what were your starting numbers? hom much RYR are you taking? Did you change your diet as well? I also too it and my numbers went down by half in only 2 months. My doctor and naturopath both think I'll be able to keep healthy level without it and keeping with my healthy diet. My total cholesterol back in july was 320 now: triglycerides: 52.63 Cholesterol :... (13 replies)
... Hi all, Really enjoy this forum, very informative. In May, had my lipid blood test done: Total Cholesterol - 259 Triglycerides - 187 HDL - 42 LDL 188 (8 replies)
... I agree..... Aim for at least 1,000mg Vitamin C up to 2,000mg. Definitely take some Fish Oil (Omega-3). Fish oil offers so many cardio benefits and is good for cancer prevention as well. Homocysteine a Vitamin B50 complex would be great. Mainly folic acid, B6, and B12 lower Homocysteine. Do not take high doses of folic acid as it is a known fact that high dosages of folic acid... (15 replies)
... Hi Mark, You bring up a very good point. For over six months I basically ate like a vegetarian and when I got my test results despite doing cardio 30mins five days a week my HDL went down from 59 to 42. There was absolutely no change in my LDL and TRIG. I am back eating more meat again but avoid red meat at all costs. I eat fish twice a week and lean poultry. I am now... (14 replies)
I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... Hi AlaskaMagnum, Your TC is good.... BUT Your HDL is almost 1/2 of what it used to be (not good). One of the bad things about statins (and there are many), is that they not only lower LDL, but lower HDL too. And statins "do not prevent heart attacks". Bring up Lipitor's homepage and you will see this statement under "important information": "Lipitor is not for... (12 replies)
... I have just received my latest test results after being on Lipitor 20mg for 6 weeks, they are as follows: Previous Total: 255 LDL: 191 HDL: 42 Triglycerides: 138 Now Total: 139 (10 replies)
Niacin and Lipitor
Dec 29, 2003
... The highlight is what I'd take heart with. I'd recommend back to the 10 mg. Lipitor and add fish oils to up the HDL and a test of some rather severe low carbbing to lower the triglycerides. I wonder what it was that blew these rather decent results (comparatively) to smithereens???? (I don't think much of the slow release nicotinate...It seems to me that "no-flush" is... (6 replies)

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