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... His Total Cholesterol was 305. His Triglycerides were 778. ... (2 replies)
... However, my triglycerides were 209!!! I was reading through some other posts on this board and read that carbohydrates can contribute to high triglycerides. ... (7 replies)
... Arkie6, To answer your question again, I do have some additional and corrected values. One day I will go back and look up all my tests in the past 5 years for comparison of pre and post-MI. From a recent report issued to me(through work) on my history: 8/29/1997 BP 170/112 Chol: 269 Glucose:124 Wt: 220 3/29/2000 NR NR Glucose:348 Wt: 227... (9 replies)

... i recently had some bloodwork done and it was remarked that my only concern should be high cholesterol. i dont think this is a result of diet/exercise and im also not sure how to interpret the results. i am 24, 5'5ish, and 110lbish these were my numbers: cholesterol : 211 (high) triglycerides: 58 hdl - 77 ldl - 122 (high) ldl/hdl - 1.59 calculated vldl - 11.6 (1 replies)
... take 500 to 1000 mg of niacin a day, it will work better than fish oil for your tryglcidrides, and zetia lowered the crap out of my ldl 59 points in about a month or more (5 replies)
How to lower LDL?
Jul 31, 2010
... Just got my annual results back: Total Cholesterol - 193 HDL - 77 Triglycerides - 59 LDL -104 Historically my HDL is in the 70 range and total cholesterol is usually 165-175. while this isnt BAD, I would really like to get the LDL down some as it's the one out of line with previous testing. I've been really, really bad lately about my diet and I know I need to get... (3 replies)
... Dear Namlessone, Thanks for the input...trying to manage my health is more complicated than I thought! My opposition to doctors goes back to childhood (dad was ill since I was very young with polycystic kidney disease), which is alot of my reasoning to not take drugs that may compromise kidneys and liver. Interesting what you suggested with the inositol hexaniacinate... (30 replies)
Feb 1, 2007
... Would someone please look at my numbers and tell me if there is a problem. My doc thinks I need medication. I don't take medication for anything and don't want to start. I'm just thinking of upping my flush Niacin as I've only been taking 500 mg. Any thoughts? Thanks Total Cholesterol 238 HDL 95 LDL 131 Triglycerides ... (5 replies)
... HDL ratio should be around 1.0. A ratio of 2.0 is considered normal. Anything much higher than 2.0, with triglycerides over 100, and you will carry a higher than normal risk. ... (18 replies)
Aug 5, 2003
... but since you lift weights...I can understand the desire to keep the proteins at a higher level. Again, for me, at higher weight, lowering carbs helped keep my triglycerides down a bit, but at lower weights, I can eat refined carbs like a maniac and my triglycerides stay in the 40s. ... (18 replies)
Extremely High LDL
Jul 24, 2007
... Hi - I just go my latest test results as follows: Total cholesterol = 299 HDL 59 (59 in 3/07, 59 in 10/06, 50 in 5/06) triglycerides = 78 (55 in 3/07, 74 in 10/06, 64 in 5/06) LDL = 224.4 (155 in 3/07, 157 in 10/06, 133 in 5/06) This test was not fasting and I ate a bunch of walnuts and pistachios about 1-2 hours before the test. The 3/07 test was fasting, the... (13 replies)
... Hey bigal, your forumla is identical to the one you said was wrong. You said: LDL = TC - HDL - (Trigs/5) Which just happens to be the same exact forumula as: TC = LDL + HDL + (Trigs/5). (6 replies)
... No the formula is wrong the correct one is Total cholesterol minus HDL minus the (Triglycerides divided by 5) So here is an example Chol.=174 Trig= 296 HDL= 54 LDL=60.8 174 - 54=120 296. divided by 5=59.2 120 -59.2 60.8 (6 replies)
... Part II: Lipoprofiles: 08/2002 10/2002 07/2003 LDL Particle # (nmol/L) 755 554 860 (optimal <1100) LDL Size (nm) 20.3 20.8 21.4 (Low Risk is Pattern A 20.6-22.0) Large HDL (mg/dL) 8 17 35 (Neg Risk Factor>30, Pos Risk <11) Large VLDL... (17 replies)
... Hello, Thank you for your time! My father is 81 years old, lives alone in india. He is physically active(walking and exercise bike every day) and socially active. Every 6 months, his PCP does a bunch of routine blood tests. In March 2018, his values were as below: 1) LDL : 103.5 (first time his LDL was above 100) 2) HDL : 59.7 3) Triglycerides : 65.44 (5 replies)
... od point. For over six months I basically ate like a vegetarian and when I got my test results despite doing cardio 30mins five days a week my HDL went down from 59 to 42. There was absolutely no change in my LDL and TRIG. I am back eating more meat again but avoid red meat at all costs. ... (14 replies)
... I exercise regularly, have no family history of heart disease, don't smoke and lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle. My numbers were 259 TC, 151 LDL, 96 HDL and 59 Triglycerides. I rarely see people whose numbers are similar to mine with a high LDL, but ALSO a high HDL and low Triglycerides. ... (35 replies)
... I'm a 30 year old female ex-smoker (quit 7 years ago). I weigh 181 pounds. My cholesterol 3 months ago was: Total: 258 Triglycerides: 216 HDL: 52 LDL: 163 Now they are: Total: 236 (4 replies)
May 28, 2004
... Looking GOOD! :bouncing: That HDL jump is quite impressive, I don't think Zetia would do that :confused: Anyway, your beginning #s were much like mine across the board...and I have to say, with a TC/HDL ratio of 4 to begin with, I wonder if any treatment is required in the first place! Having said that, I went on Crestor. I just posted my results taking a low dose schedule... (28 replies)
May 28, 2004
... I started Zetia stand alone 6 weeks ago. One pill a day. Just got my cholesterol values and it looks like the medication is doing its job without any noticable side effects! Before Zetia LDL (BAD) - 162 HDL (Good) - 59 Triglycerides - 106 Total - 242 (28 replies)

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