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... Hello All I recently had another bloodwork done. I take 1000mg of Niaspan daily. Results: Total Cholesterol 216 HDL 84 LDL 115 Triglycerides 84 TC/HDL ratio 2.5 (2 replies)
How to lower LDL?
May 19, 2016
... Hi, can anyone recommend a supplement to lower LDL number? Just got my test report and the result is quite bad :( TC: 244 HDL: 60 LDL: 167 Triglycerides: 84 Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 4.1 I'm 49 and having high TC and LDL for many years but did not see a doctor. (5 replies)
... Just got results from my bloodwork and would love some advice/suggestions/feedback regarding my cholesterol numbers and whether or not to go on Zocor 40mg. I lost my mom very young at age 54 to a heart attack. That would be the crux of any family history. Im 54 and 5'8" and 116lbs so not overweight. I excercise a fair amount but Im certain theres room for more. Ive... (9 replies)

... Sad but true for most, mine included. You would think they would at least take a few minutes to read Atherotech's information about the VAP. To me it looks like you have three areas to address with your treatment. Elevated LDL, Small particle LDL and Elevated Lp (a). The statin that your doctor is recommending will only address one of the issues the elevated LDL. With... (7 replies)
... I just received my VAP cholesterol test results today, and I need your help and opinions on how good or bad my results were. My PCP is as dumb as a box of rocks, and is not proficient in the area of proper cholesterol management. She just saw my results as "221" and wrote out an Rx for Zocor. I don't give up that easy. If you dig deeper, and get a VAP test, your results... (7 replies)
... HI, My husband recently had some routine bloodwork done. Total cholesterol- 253 HDL- 63 LDL- 168 Triglycerides- 84 He had his cholesterol checked back in July and his total cholesterol was below 200 and the dr. said his HDL cholesterol was high. We don't have those results in front of us, however I find it hard to believe that a total cholesterol could jump 50... (4 replies)
... Your welcome. My TC is over 250, hdl-77 ldl-162, triglycerides-84 and I know some docs would want to give me a statin, even though my ratio of hdl to TC is only 3.3. Maybe you should consider switching to oat bran, I eat the Old Wessex brand in the big cylinder container. I don't think oatmeal has enough beta-glucan in it to reduce cholesterol significantly. I get a tin... (4 replies)
... Is this even possible? I had a blood test (for insurance purposes) done two months ago that came back showing high calcium levels. Since we don't have medical insurance I decided to drop that company and get the test run again hoping the high calcium was just a lab error since I was told it very well could be. Well it turns out the second company didn't even test for... (6 replies)
... Hi Lisa, Your numbers are not that bad due tot he fact that your HDL is very good. Ratio is good too. The low fat low cholesterol diet is counter productive. Our bodies need fat and cholesterol as each provide us with essential nutrients. Our hearts and brains need cholesterol. Search on memory loss and statins (drugs used to lower cholesterol). Saturated fat is... (9 replies)
... Hi, I'm a newbie to this board. Just got my cholesterol results back and my total is 239, my ldl's are 156, but everything else is good-hdl-66, ratio 3:6, triglycerides 84. I'm a 48 yr old woman, not menopausal or even really in peri-menopause, but my mother had high cholesterol. I also have a very stressful life due to job issues. My diet is very good--mainly organic... (9 replies)
... Even the earlier link to the American Heart Association shows that low fat diets are not effective at lowering triglycerides and may in fact increase them if higher fat foods are replaced with carbohydrates. ... (29 replies)
... Diets with olive oil as the dominant fat source may help reduce visceral fat, blood glucose, blood clotting, triglycerides and oxidation of LDL cholesterol and ultimately heart disease deaths. ... (31 replies)
... You are correct. Your numbers are not terrible, in fact your HDL of 66 and triglycerides of 84 are excellent. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Lisa, I made some notes above next to your numbers. Also noted a few additional items of interest. There are 2 CRP tests. Which one did your doctor order? (definitions below) From your info of "84", I think your doctor just ordered CRP and should have ordered hs-CRP. (41 replies)
... The doctor should have solely concentrated on your triglycerides which are only a tad high. Target for this is 2. ... (10 replies)
... It really depends on how much fat, and how much I overeat. I can take mine as low as 55 mg/dL, and as long as I exercise, and maintain my weight, I am capped at 84 mg/dL. The difference was that my HDL that corresponded with the 55 LDL was 44 mg/dL or less, while my HDL that comes with the 84 mg/dL LDL is generally > 60 mg/dL. All of this is unmedicated (now). I am not... (8 replies)
... Every 3 months I keep wishing for a lipid panel that comes back with all numbers in normal ranges... My HbA1c was 4.8% (84 mg/dL) Fasting glucose (84 mg/dL) Total Chol: 102 mg/dL (+8 since October) Triglycerides: 34 mg/dL (-8) HDL: 44 (+7) LDL: 51 (no change) (0 replies)
... ittle worried about these results especially given I am on BP meds and have anxiety problems... Does the pattern B have much significance in the absence of high triglycerides or excessively low hdl? ... (4 replies)
New Numbers
Nov 9, 2007
... Hi, No, it's even beneficial for diabetics, please don't ask me why, I forgot! My triglycerides are normal at 84, and I've been taking it every night for four years. It also thins the blood slightly which is beneficial, unless you are on blood thinners and need to ask your doc about it, no need to take a baby aspirin either! My LDL went from 192 to 160 also. I... (15 replies)
Cholesterol MD
Apr 8, 2007
... I was taking simvastatin for 2 months & had to discontinue because of fatigue & weakness so I bought some Cholesterol MD & was taking 2 a day as per directions. Seemed to make me tired & not feel up to par. Was wondering if anyone had tried the Cholesterol MD. I started with TC of 257, LDL 165, HDL 72 & Triglycerides 106. After nearly 2 months of simvastatin it is TC 158, LDL... (2 replies)

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