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... I didn't know that..... but the effect I mentioned, the lower ability to carry oxygen, is a side effect of the presence of high triglycerides in the blood. At least, that's what a retired medical technologist told me. ... (12 replies)
... We are trying to control my husband's high triglycerides with diet and weight reduction. ... (12 replies)
... dl. range for triglycerides is EXTREMELY dangerous. He should be taking something to lower it immediately and work out the long term strategy at his leisure. This is a safer approach. ... (12 replies)

... Hmmmmm....... the doctor didn't seem concerned at the numbers. Just sent a note with the lab results to eat less fat and see her in 3 months for another blood test. ... (12 replies)
... WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! :bouncing: These are his new numbers: Total Cholesterol: 139 (was 192) Triglycerides: 248 (was 777) HDL: 34 (was 39) :( Cholesterol/hdl: 4.09 LDL:55 (couldn't even calculate it before) LDL/HDL: 1.62 (12 replies)
... I remembered wrong. I found the paperwork yesterday and his triglycerides were 700 something and his HDL was 39. ... (12 replies)
... but when you breathe in oxygen goes to the lungs and transported through the blood stream to feed the body oxygen and all the waste is transported through sweat glands and exhaling. ... (12 replies)
... according to the new standards recently released by the government. I've read quite appalling articles by some people who claim that there is no such catagory and that people are perfectly healthy in that range and that it's all a ploy by the drug companies to get more people on medication and thus increase profits. ... (12 replies)
... I don't know exactly what Judo entails with respect to heartrate during workout, but the advantage comes best from keeping your heartrate elevated at least 20 min during exercise, e.g. when I run for 25 min, my HR stays between 145 bpm-160 bpm for the entire time. I know that I did not get this same benefit from playing football (or lets relate it back to the practices). ... (12 replies)
... to lower the TG value in your husband should be sought rather than dismissed. The TG should not be accumulating to that level in the bloodstream in my opinion, and that much "sludge" from a logic standpoint is not going to be a good thing. ... (12 replies)
... diabetes. We think it's important to fix the problem at the source rather than mask the symptom with drugs and then he still gets diabetes in 5 years or so. ... (12 replies)
... How come nobody wants to talk about this? :( (12 replies)
... Does this make sense to anyone else? I mean about the low oxygen causing the muscles to use the anaerobic cycle to get their energy? Does anyone have an opinion on our fix? (12 replies)
... Agreed with Arizona and Lenin. ... (7 replies)
... Basically, you want HDL to be high and the rest to be low. ... (1 replies)
... policosanol, I'll get tested again, and then we'll see what happened to those tri's. ... (2 replies)
... You did not mention your diet and exercise habits, which can have a substantial effect on your blood cholesterol. ... (11 replies)
... My husband has a triglyceride level in the 700 range and is not taking medication for it. You can read more about his condition and the "Athletes, High Triglycerides, DMG and low O2" thread. Nobody yet has given me a good reason yet to jump on the medication bandwagon. ... (21 replies)
... My diet consists of organic foods, low fat meat, water, and wine. ... (11 replies)
Test results
Jun 29, 2009
... On the exercise, you may want to increase the amount and intensity, and include some weight training to build and maintain muscle mass. ... (8 replies)

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