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... g on. One example is with Triglycerides. while this is only one component of totals cholesterol, it can be a very important factor. For years it was thought that triglycerides could only be lowered by a low fat diet, yet in most cases it is by controlling carbohydratesthat Triglycerides are controlled. ... (41 replies)
... ion regarding the glycemic index on the web and the main thing I did was greatly reduce the amount of white starches in my diet, potatoes, rice, and white breads are usually the main foods that are high on the index. ... (16 replies)
... Potatoes, rice, and white breads are usually the evil foods. Potatoes are mine but diets differ from region to region so it's best to find the list of the glycemic index for foods and see where your foods fall out. ... (23 replies)

... So I went in to have a fasting lipid panel done as well as my thyroid panel (as I am hypothroid and need to check my bloodwork often). The lipid panel stated something I am not sure if I should be concerned about or not?! Triglycerides came back at : 141 mg/dL (range is : 35-135 mg/dL) HDL: 50 mg/dL (range is : 40-75 mg/dL) LDL : 68 mg/dL (range is : 60-100 mg/dL) ... (4 replies)
... As I see it, neither one of you has much of anything to worry about. All the ratios are fine, triglycerides are low, and HDL is excellent. This being the case, I don't feel that neither one of you needs to worry about LDL. In my opinion, your numbers are fine. ... (4 replies)
... My triglycerides are 190 and my HDL is 34. How bad are these numbers? ... (5 replies)
... My total cholesterol is 232 My triglycerides are 88 hdl is 79 and ldl is 135. I'm not over weight, i exercise and I'm healty. I have no other medical problems. I'm 55 and for around 5yrs. ... (4 replies)
... they gave me a shot of torodol to try and relieve the pain to bring my bp down. But like I said I have an apt with the Az heart Inst. on June 7 they are suppose to be the best in the state. So wish me luck. ... (23 replies)
High cholesterol
Feb 9, 2003
... This is how LDL is calculated on your lab report since LDL levels are rarely measured. ... (3 replies)
... I cannot stop thinking that maybe , just maybe I could further lower my numbers with deeper lifestyle changes. I also read that it is common to have high LDL and triglycerides while dieting to lose weight, so do not know what to think of that. ... (3 replies)
Success -
Apr 18, 2013
... of total calories. My aim here was to reduce my triglycerides which are the easiest to reduce and can increase the total cholesterol and bring down HDL. ... (5 replies)
... to have more and more problems, and this is what I want to discuss with his cardio guy next week. I have been looking a few of them up, and at least 2 I know of are known to cause glucose levels to rise, so I think it is definitely time for a med change for him. ... (26 replies)
... Basically, pretty much what I would expect. Nothing too high and just the triclycerides are fine. ... (1 replies)
... Is anyone looking at your thyroid? (26 replies)
... The only thing I wanted to add is that I have metabolic syndrome which is very similar to type two diabetes. Both conditions are marked by excess insulin levels called Hyperinsulinemia caused by an overreaction of the pancreas when carbohydrates are eaten. ... (26 replies)
Total Cholesteral
Jan 30, 2008
... You are missing the triglyceride number. ... (3 replies)
... By reducing the amount of potatoes and rice in my diet, I got my triglycerides down from 350 to 97. ... (41 replies)
... Their heart disease rates are very low. ... (11 replies)
Mar 28, 2011
... How do you work out what your ratio is? Here are my numbers: total cholesterol 232 HDL 63 LDL 135 Triglycerides 170 Also what should a normal ration be? Thanks :) (3 replies)
... Dear HealthBoard: My blood test results in 10/07 and 10/08 respectively were... cholesterol 219 and 132 LDL cal 144 and 84 triglycerides 135 and 57 Are these lowered numbers possible, normal or a mistake? I loss 12lbs., ate oatmeal (also other diet changes) and exercised for a 4month period. Thank you for your response. (0 replies)

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