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I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... Alaska, As an ex body builder myself I would say to try and lose some weight first and foremost. Even though a playing weight of 240 might have been OK in college, years later it might be to much. Meat can be problematic but if it is lean cut, fat removed, it should be fine. It sounds like you are getting fish, but is it fried? Is any of your meat fried? The best... (12 replies)
I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... Alaska, Why did you chose the 150 and 70 numbers as targets to strive for (just curious)? Your numbers seem very good to me. Going even lower is not necessarily a good thing, and I think the only way you will realistically get to these lower numbers is to go to 20mg of Lipitor. You should be careful about combining drugs - I would NOT recommend Policosanol in... (12 replies)
I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... times a week for 30 minutes. ... (12 replies)

... is even better. Keep saturated fat at half this amount and stop eating ANYTHING with hydrogenated oils. THis should get LDL down and might lower Triglycerides as well. ... (11 replies)
... candy, and the like you're setting yourself up for a whole host of problems. As for your cholesterol level, I wouldn't be worried unless it falls significantly below 200. Your risk of stroke, cancer, early death, etc. aren't affected until then. ... (16 replies)
... What kind of diet? In my opinion (and many others agree), no one type of diet is right for everyone. If one type of diet doesn't get the desired results, it might be worth exploring an alternative diet that focuses on different nutrient ratios. In general, low fat diets aren't very effective for improving blood lipids in anyone. By improving lipids I mean raising... (30 replies)
New here
Feb 4, 2004
... Before throwing yourself at the mercy of drugs why not do some research on how others have reduced there cholesterol using natural means. Spend a few hours reviewing messages and responses on this board. There are lots of supplements that help to reduce cholesterol including a new product called Policosanol Cholesterol Complex by Source Naturals, Inc. It contains 19... (7 replies)
New here
Feb 4, 2004
... Hi Sara, I think SOMEBODY screwed up those results somewhere. Readings of LDL=235 and LDL=187 show too much of a swing for one month without some kind of DRASTIC intervention between the two. In either case, though, the results are terrible, and coupled with a high Lp(a) and a high C-Reactive protein, intervention of some kind is MANDATORY; your risks are just too high... (7 replies)
New here
Feb 3, 2004
... Just looking for some help, as I really know nothing about these numbers and what they mean, except for what my dr. told me. I went for my annual OB/GYN appt. in January and my cholesterol came back at 313. LDL was 235 and HDL was 56. Triglycerides were normal; blood sugar normal. Went for a follow-up appt. last week at a different dr. and my numbers came back: Total:... (7 replies)
... You never mentioned HDL levels, but I am sure they are well below 60. Niaspan will get the HDL up. Usually, diabetics will have slightly elevated LDL, very high Trigs and very low HDL. ... (5 replies)
New Numbers
Apr 14, 2005
... dL. First time tested. It says normal is below 30. ... (10 replies)
... For a few years, I have used diet and exercise to keep my numbers acceptable. Despite working hard, my HDL had never risen above 44, my LDL had never been below 109, and my triglycerides had never been below 127. ... (0 replies)
... times a week, about 45 minutes. In August I was retested, total cholesterol went down to 204, Triglycerides plummeted from 121 to 68, and LDL went from 154 to 134. HDL only went up two points to 56. ... (7 replies)
Please help
Mar 11, 2003
... cing weight if you have some extra to lose. If you achieve your weight loss by both dietary and exercise changes, then your LDL should drop, HDL rise a bit, and triglycerides drop. ... (4 replies)
... tor for coronary heart disease. There is probably considerable room for improved risk reduction through greater attention to triglycerides, but target levels for triglycerides haven't been defined in clinical trials. ... (38 replies)
... Hi, :) Thanks for that information. I have not been told what level to aim for. What complicates my situation is a chronic kidney disease. It perpetuates the inflammatory processes and also effects the cardiac function. I still have a lot of reading to do. It seems to me that, rather than just one or two drugs from this class, the whole statin family of drugs has... (3 replies)
... This is caused by both your triglycerides and LDL being high, but not terribly so and amplified by your HDL being low. ... (10 replies)
... I would not attempt to try an increased daily alcohol intake approach as my triglycerides are high and alcohol causing spikes in triglycerides. ... (14 replies)
... it was high triglycerides that impacted significantly my total value. ... (13 replies)
... nomal below 4. ... (1 replies)

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