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... HDL ratio should be around 1.0. A ratio of 2.0 is considered normal. Anything much higher than 2.0, with triglycerides over 100, and you will carry a higher than normal risk. ... (18 replies)
... Hello, Thank you for your time! My father is 81 years old, lives alone in india. He is physically active(walking and exercise bike every day) and socially active. Every 6 months, his PCP does a bunch of routine blood tests. In March 2018, his values were as below: 1) LDL : 103.5 (first time his LDL was above 100) 2) HDL : 59.7 3) Triglycerides : 65.44 (5 replies)
... ears down the road you could begin to have some problems. I think right now you have nothing to worry about. With the numbers you've given that would make your triglycerides 130. That number should be below 160. One way to improve that ratio of 4.64 is by doing more of a cardio workout. That should help raise your HDL. ... (7 replies)

... These are my results that calculator gave me: NCEP ATP III Recommendation No drug therapy is recommended as LDL-C <190 mg/dL (4.91 mmol/L) Treatment goal is LDL-C <160 mg/dL (<2.59 mmol/L) If triglycerides level is >200 mg/dl (>2.26 mmol/L) when LDL-C target is achieved, secondary goal for non-HDL-C (total minus HDL cholesterol) is <190 mg/dL (<4.91... (8 replies)
... thanks for explaining & converting my results! The thing is, my doctor said I have too much "bad cholesterol" and too little of the "good cholesterol." He also told me (like I stated above) if I had gone on the pill I would have gone into cardiac arrest and I didn't know if that was just his doomsday theory or if he's just a pessimist, I mean I'm 18 years old after all! ... (6 replies)
... hello there =) would like to reconfirm with you on your blood test results. 1. all the conversion unit on g/L? 2. are you sure 4.94 falls on cholesterol HDL? and 0.31 falls on cholesterol LDL? For your information, there is difference between LDL-cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol. LDL are most heavily involved in the atherosclerotic process which link to... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone! I went to get a physical done and I just recently got my bloodwork back. I was prepared to get all good results but was surprise to hear the nurse tell me that my cholesterol was high. To be exact: Total Cholesterol 211 (needs to be between 100-199), HDL was 60 (needs to be between 40-59), Triglycerides were fine and the LDL was 130 (needs to be below 99).... (4 replies)
... Well, just for the record, if you are taking RYR, you are taking a statin - specifically, lovastatin (admittedly at a low dose, and lovastatin is amongst the least potent of the statins, but it is in the RYR - that's where it was first isolated from). But, looking at your numbers, I agree that I wouldn't be overly concerned with them. Assuming you don't have other risk... (31 replies)
... My family doctor has recommended I try a statin to lower my numbers but when you read my numbers below you might think otherwise. ... (31 replies)
Statin Studies
Aug 23, 2005
... Many people assume that just because a food is low fat, it's OK, even if it's loaded with sugar, which just by itself can cause triglycerides to soar. ... (31 replies)
... Bell99, Your glucose is 87 mg/dL; which is normal for a non-diabetic (> 126 mg/dL diabetic, > 110 mg/dL impaired glucose tolerance). Your triglycerides are 80 mg/dL (normal is < 155 mg/dL). Your VLDL component is then estimated at 16 mg/dL (see below). Your HDL-C (good cholesterol) is 54 mg/dL. (< 40 mg/dL implicates increased risk for heart disease, 40-59 mg/dL... (7 replies)

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