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... "Levels below 60 mL/min/1.73 m2 for 3 or more months are a sign of chronic kidney disease. A GFR result below 15 mL/min/1.73 m2 is a sign of kidney failure and requires immediate medical attention." I'd be wanting a retest at the 90 day point. Avoid excessive protein intake (that's the hardest for kidneys to metabolize, many people consume 3 to 5 times as much protein as... (6 replies)
LDL below 60
Aug 18, 2011
... Nevertheless, a high protein, low carb diet can certainly be the answer for many people, even though they might find it very hard to adhere to. I'll bet your triglycerides are very low as well, right? ... (1 replies)
... Hi, :) Thanks for that information. I have not been told what level to aim for. What complicates my situation is a chronic kidney disease. It perpetuates the inflammatory processes and also effects the cardiac function. I still have a lot of reading to do. It seems to me that, rather than just one or two drugs from this class, the whole statin family of drugs has... (3 replies)

Lower Numbers??
Dec 9, 2006
... Good grief. You're numbers are about as perfect as any human can get. The only guidelines I know about that require an LDL below 70 (not 60) are for people with established heart disease, like me. Do you already have heart disease??? I doubt there is any human who can naturally sustain an LDL below 60 (I can't do it even with lots of meds, and lots of people with heart... (24 replies)
... It really depends on how much fat, and how much I overeat. I can take mine as low as 55 mg/dL, and as long as I exercise, and maintain my weight, I am capped at 84 mg/dL. The difference was that my HDL that corresponded with the 55 LDL was 44 mg/dL or less, while my HDL that comes with the 84 mg/dL LDL is generally > 60 mg/dL. All of this is unmedicated (now). I am not... (8 replies)
... Are these figures normal. Do I need to bring the LDL below 100 ? ... (2 replies)
... I guess I was lucky and did not suffer adverse effects from the Tricor (it is a fibrate rather than a statin). At this stage, weight loss and diet change keep my triglycerides down below 60 mg/dL. They once were well in excess of 400. As for the fish oil, I do use that religiously. I take 3 2-g capsules daily. I think the minimum therapeutic dose is 3g/day. I am not... (16 replies)
... You never mentioned HDL levels, but I am sure they are well below 60. Niaspan will get the HDL up. Usually, diabetics will have slightly elevated LDL, very high Trigs and very low HDL. ... (5 replies)
... tor for coronary heart disease. There is probably considerable room for improved risk reduction through greater attention to triglycerides, but target levels for triglycerides haven't been defined in clinical trials. ... (38 replies)
New test results
Jan 30, 2004
... Justgettinby, Here's what the doctor is looking for: I hope that helped! (6 replies)
... You are right, as there has been no damage to your heart, nor is blood flow being impeded. Cardiovascular disease might be a more appropriate term here. Statins can reduce your chances of having a heart attack, and can reduce the speed at which plaque builds up. If you took a high enough dose of a statin to lower your cholesterol super low (LDL below 70), I think there are... (7 replies)
Please help
Mar 11, 2003
... cing weight if you have some extra to lose. If you achieve your weight loss by both dietary and exercise changes, then your LDL should drop, HDL rise a bit, and triglycerides drop. ... (4 replies)
... Hi there, I am an Asian/Oriental male, age 43, 5'6", 148 pounds, 33 inch waist, blood pressure 120/80. Fasting blood sugar level at 50. I was told that my cholesterol level were off the charts back in March 2010 during a medical check up. I have been working on reducing it for the past 9 months. Below are my cholesterol numbers, taken every 3 months : Date ... (4 replies)
... diabetes, smoking, etc., then taking it below 130 is a good idea...unfortunately age 62 is ALREADY ONE risk factor.. ... (20 replies)
... These are my results that calculator gave me: NCEP ATP III Recommendation No drug therapy is recommended as LDL-C <190 mg/dL (4.91 mmol/L) Treatment goal is LDL-C <160 mg/dL (<2.59 mmol/L) If triglycerides level is >200 mg/dl (>2.26 mmol/L) when LDL-C target is achieved, secondary goal for non-HDL-C (total minus HDL cholesterol) is <190 mg/dL (<4.91... (8 replies)
... What kind of diet? In my opinion (and many others agree), no one type of diet is right for everyone. If one type of diet doesn't get the desired results, it might be worth exploring an alternative diet that focuses on different nutrient ratios. In general, low fat diets aren't very effective for improving blood lipids in anyone. By improving lipids I mean raising... (30 replies)
... I don't have anything to compare it to, so here are yesterday's results and below are last October's results. I have no idea what to eat, but I don't eat much. ... (6 replies)
... nomal below 4. ... (1 replies)
... at study completion, although triglycerides remained unchanged. ... (44 replies)
... statins, but I told her to give me a little time to try diet change and exercise below is my lipid panel result. Thank so much for taking out time to look at it for me. ... (0 replies)

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