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New Numbers
Jan 15, 2002
... means "divided by 5" as in "triglycerides divided by 5". ... (21 replies)
... Your triglycerides are a bit high. ... (3 replies)
... Hey bigal, your forumla is identical to the one you said was wrong. You said: LDL = TC - HDL - (Trigs/5) Which just happens to be the same exact forumula as: TC = LDL + HDL + (Trigs/5). (6 replies)

... No the formula is wrong the correct one is Total cholesterol minus HDL minus the (Triglycerides divided by 5) So here is an example Chol.=174 Trig= 296 HDL= 54 LDL=60.8 174 - 54=120 296. divided by 5=59.2 120 -59.2 60.8 (6 replies)
... Hi Mark, I did the conversion so I could understand your results (I'm in the US). First of all, LDL cholesterol is "estimated" using a formula, so although yours is elevated, it's not your "direct" level (might be higher or lower). Triglycerides are your main problem. Elevated trig's are a result of simple carbs, such as sugar and most things white: sugar, flour, rice,... (2 replies)
VLDL v.s. LDL ???
Apr 25, 2005
... VLDL is your triglycerides divided by 5. ... (2 replies)
... It is approximated by triglycerides divided by 5 for triglyceride numbers that are not really high. ... (1 replies)
... Uff-Da!, Well, I think the last thing people need is for yet another number to make their heads spin. But actually the non-HDL value does make the report more complete, because that number (151) takes into consideration your LDL (137) plus the amount of VLDL (14) which comes from your triglycerides (triglycerides divided by 5). So yes, I would say that the smaller the... (2 replies)
... Total cholesterol ranges are age group dependent. I think 267 is high for any age group. Incidentally, total cholesterol is triglycerides divided by 5 (your's is 173/5=35) + HDL + LDL, which is 35+52+180=267. LDL I believe is way high, HDL is pretty good (a lot of folks envy you for that reading). Your ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is 267/52 = 5.13 This number (I've... (6 replies)
... VLDA is approximated by TRIGLYCERIDES divided by 5. ... (19 replies)
... Total cholesterol is the sum of LDL, HDL and Triglycerides divided by 5. ... (3 replies)
New member
Jan 22, 2005
... ve interesting, and with a mom and dad with proven serious vascular disease, there's little doubt in my mind that you need a statin to lower that total TC of 306 by a hundred to 150 points or so. Bet you'll get it! ... (15 replies)
... Total cholesterol= LDL + HDL + (triglycerides divided by 5) (4 replies)
Total Cholesteral
Jan 31, 2008
... Your total cholesterol should be computed as LDL, plus HDL plus your Triglycerides divided by 5. ... (3 replies)
New member
Jan 22, 2005
... So should we put more weight in the ratio than the individual numbers? Also, what is VLDL as opposed to LDL? (15 replies)
... Don't know if you are on meds for the cholesterol or not, but those are pretty darn good numbers. Your CHL ratio is your total cholesterol divided by your HDL. Your LDL is a calulation done by taking your Trigs. ... (3 replies)
... is due exclusively to the increased triglycerides, they are divided by 5 and added in as cholesterol. ... (14 replies)
... Yes, VLDL is included as part of your total cholesterol. The VLDL contribution is derived from your triglyceride number divided by 5. Don't ask me how they came up that formula. I have no idea. Is VLDL more dangerous than LDL? ... (8 replies)
... Well thanx to U and Arizona for the input. I wish hubby would ask questions, but he is a weeee bit stubborn, so as long as the dr. says he is fine, he could care less how they got the numbers. Oh well, I'm just happy he got a good report from the cardio man, but next test in Jan. I am going to look it over. Like I said, I can't remember his other numbers either, so I could be... (6 replies)
... As the LDL is only and estimate I find it funny that you can have a better LDL the higher your triglycerides are. Usually with Trigs over 400 they measure them directly just as they would the LDL. By your husbands numbers the LDL estimate would be 94... ... (6 replies)

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