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... statement made before, but I don't see how you can come to that conclusion by just looking at a simple mathematical equation. The equation doesn't mean that if triglycerides go down that LDL must go up. HDL and total cholesterol can also change resulting in no direct correlation between LDL and triglycerides. ... (19 replies)
... Well the dr. had a hissy fit over the LDL and got very uptight over the LDL, what else is new, they have hissy fits over everything!! I still take them, just not every day. ... (17 replies)
... It's conceivable how this can happen, at least temporarily, when using fish oil. Fish oil is probably most effective at lowering triglycerides and, for many people with high triglycerides, a phenomenon occurs that as triglycerides come down, LDL tends to rise. ... (17 replies)

... of all lipid profiles numbers are determined, the rule, not the exception, but the rule states that if trigs go down ldl goes up. No wonder studies would show this. Thre is nothing else hey could possibly show except this. ... (19 replies)
... LDL, HDL and Triglycerides are "Lipids" that carry cholesterol. ... (10 replies)
... So, it would be a correct statement to say that if fish oil reduces trigs, all else being equal, ldl will of a certainty go up. ... (19 replies)
... I stand corrected about saying "In most cases, the higher the total cholesterol, the higher the HDL. High levels of HDL do not compensate for unhealthy levels of LDL and Total Cholesterol and high Triglycerides.." I meant to say, "In most cases, the higher the total cholesterol, the more meaningless the HDL. ... (10 replies)
High cholesterol
Feb 9, 2003
... This is how LDL is calculated on your lab report since LDL levels are rarely measured. ... (3 replies)
... ou need Insulin to take care of it and what happens is the Insulin pushes the glucose into the cells where it produces energy but also all that Insulin moves the triglycerides into the fat cells for storage in the form of saturated fat and then it also packs LDL cholesterol into the arteries in the neck, heart and legs. ... (9 replies)
... le I wouldn't exactly say your numbers are that bad, they can be improved, and without drugs. The big red flag here are your triglycerides. You need to get them down to 100, or lower. I don't know what your diet is like, but cutting down significantly on carbohydrates usually results in a substantial drop in triglycerides. ... (4 replies)
... That well documented link is based on observational studies. As we all know, observational studies don't prove anything. That saturated fat actually causes LDL to go up has never been proved. In fact dietary studies demonstrate the opposite effect. ... (23 replies)
... your LDL will change. ... (28 replies)
... You can request from your doctor to have your LDL measured, and thus obtain a more thorough breakdown regarding LDL particle size. ... (8 replies)
... Weight loss may also help. For me personally even being a little over my ideal weight seems to drive down the hdl and increase the particle size of the LDL. ... (7 replies)
... yo. If I get the chol down, the tris go up, and if the tris go down, the chol goes up. ... (6 replies)
... Conveniently enough, chylomicrons contain cholesterol and lecithin. This brings up another inaccuracy in the link offered on this thread. There is no exchange of apolipoproteins between HDL and VLDLs or chylomicrons. ... (19 replies)
... and then suddenly it shot up to 210 overall, triglycerides at 239, not sure about HDL and LDL but my doctor at the time wasn't happy about it. ... (26 replies)
... Will see how it goes over the next 6 months or so. I have to go back in 6 months time for another blood test. ... (26 replies)

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