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... If you have no problem with encroaching alcoholism, I will bet my bottom dollar that you will get a very large boost in HDL with 12 ounces of red wine per DAY...every day. ... (6 replies)
... I am wondering to what extent anyone has relied on Red Wine to affect their levels. Last winter, I monitored it and lowered my triglycerides over 100 points. ... (6 replies)
... i heard somewhere that for people who do not like red wine,that grape juice has the same affect as the wine... anyone heard about this? ... (6 replies)

... almost" as good as for red wine. ... (6 replies)
... do eat meat, and love red wine. I power walk, and am not overweight. Since Tricor is metabolized through the liver... ... (30 replies)
... My trig's were 1,700. Talk about being scared. Crazy thing is that they were 700 and when I got on Niaspan they doubled to 1,700. Im on Trilipix now and prava. The trig's came down by 88%. (30 replies)
... bone steak and rib eye. I also drink alot of red wine and I think the combination of both is what is causing the high trig levels. After speaking to my Dr. ... (30 replies)
... total cholesteral was 140 and triglycerides were 114. HDL and LDL were fine. ... (13 replies)
... From what I'm reading here carbs like sugar, breads, rice, etc. raise the triglycerides right? ... (3 replies)
... It's the ethyl alcohol itself that does the trick despite what the California Wine Growers Association would have you believe. ... (6 replies)
... Even though you're young, I'd be concerned about that low HDL too. As Lenin said, the best way to control triglycerides without medication is to lose weight, exercise, and lower (or preferably come as close as possible to eliminating) alcohol and the "white stuff" (i.e. flour and sugar) in your diet. Doing that should also help raise your HDL (which needs to be at least... (10 replies)
... you need it to get your triglycerides down... ... (23 replies)
... Don't forget if you don't like the wine method you can also try Grape Seed Extract with Resveratrol, a particular polyphenol found in grape skins that has been shown to be inhibit blood platelet aggregation. I think I am going to try this next. (6 replies)
... My problem is with taste. I just don't like wine that much as I'm just not refined enough:jester: . I am going to try and be more consistent with it, however. I'm having my labs done in a few weeks so I need to catch up:eek: . Sounds to me like you were trying to forget your cholesterol problems:) . If you go back to that method, be sure and post while you're doing... (6 replies)
... Hi Monica, and welcome. No need to take medication for your readings, as long as the LDL particles are large. However, for the trig's which are slightly raised, try a 'high pure quality' omega3 fish oil. EPA should =>600mg and DHA should =>400mg per day. Depending on the quality, these figures can be obtained from two or three capsules (2gms or 3gms total Omega3.) Or/and... (8 replies)
... Jaydel, First, take a few deep breaths. You'll be fine. Your HDL is great and actually bring your ratios down to reasonable levels. Check my recent thread on the Framingham Risk Assessment.(also use a search engine for more info on Framingham). Assuming you don't smoke, at your age and with your levels, you're probably at about a 1% (or less) risk of Coronary Heart... (9 replies)
... By reducing the amount of potatoes and rice in my diet, I got my triglycerides down from 350 to 97. ... (41 replies)
... Its so hard to know what's good and what's not! Like saying drink red wine cause its good for your heart...well I have really high triglycerides and the only thing I can think that raised them high was red wine.... cause I love red wine... so, am I never supposed to drink red wine again? ... (41 replies)
... the 'good' cholesterol. I wouldn't do both the wine and whiskey though. ... (4 replies)
... the diffrence between 3rd and 4th reading shows triglycerides dropped and HDL that a known correlation. ... (1 replies)

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