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Low HDL is ok?
May 16, 2010
... ago and I know she had high cholesterol. My cholesterol is lower than most and that is probably why my HDL is lower too. I know the ratio is a little high but my triglyerides are low at 88. I personally think that if you are relatively healthy you should try to stay off meds. ... (0 replies)
... This is interesting Harry...please keep us posted. :) (2 replies)
... Has anyone ever heard that a probiotic supplement -- Lactobacillus sporogenes also know as Bacillus coagulans --it is really a sporo not a active bacteria culture like the ones used in yogurt -- can be used to lower Total Cholesterol and Triglyerides? I recently read an article by a Doctor in India that ran some tests at a hospital in New Delhi with test results that... (2 replies)

... Take it with meals to eliminate fish burps.I take Natures Bounty brand from CVS and have cured hair loss and fungal toenails with it. (0 replies)
ALT/AST Results
Jul 20, 2007
... Got my results back from my cholesterol test and everything looks great. HDL-42, LDL- 43, and Triglyerides- 86. Probelm is that I see that my ALT and AST are elevated to 60 and the report shows normal between the ranges of (0 to 35). I haven't talked to the Dr. yet..but is that elevatation dangerous? I know it means that my liver is being damaged someway? I am on the highest... (3 replies)
... Definitely agree with Hubble, noone should have a non fasting test done, it is usually way off. Hopefully the fasting one will be better. Good luck.... :wave: (7 replies)
... Ashleymc, Not fasting 12-14 hours before your blood test definitely affects Triglycerides to the point that the triglyceride count is almost useless. And since your LDL (bad cholesterol) number is usually 'calculated' based on Triglycerides, not fasting will also skew your LDL number lower than it really is. This is not true if your blood test was a "VAP" test, which... (7 replies)
... 49 yr old male non-smker/ in good health with no past health issues...(non- fasting blood work) total-214 283 triglyerides 30 HDL 7.1 ratio...does the nonvfasting affect these numbers? thanx :wave: (7 replies)
New LDL Guidelines
Dec 15, 2004
... Thanks for your reply. Cholesterol Total is 222. HDL is 56. LDL 130. Triglyerides is 180 (high). Ratio is 4.0. Yes, there is a risk factor. Carotid Artery Results: Moderate plaque buildup in left carotid Artery. Fairly low to moderate amount of plaque buildup in right carotid artery. This is the reason the doctor has suggested a goal of 100 or less for LDL. I also... (11 replies)
... You may have not reduced your fat intake enough, or in the right way, you may also have eaten many simple carbs that accentuated your triglyerides. I reduced my cholesterol level by more than 40% with a low fat diet, and I did so in spite of having Metabolic Syndrome and FH. The argument: "it didn't work for me, so science is bunk" doesn't hold water. (28 replies)
... It does look like the lowering of Triglycerides accounted for the majority of your drop in Total..around 70pts. Your TOTAL cholesterol is the sum of 1)Your LDL 2)Your HDL and 3) Your Triglycerides/5. (21 replies)
... My tryclerides were 575 and now they are 232. Other than walking and cutting back on red meat, the only thing I did different was add the supplements. That's all I know; have no reason to say if if it isn't true. Just glad it is. I suspect the garlic helped a great deal but I could be wrong. I just can't get past my report so that's encouraging to me. If someone knows,... (21 replies)
... Congrats. It's puzzling to me that Lipitor flat out didn't work for you and those 3 supplements did. The effectivity of any of those three on cholesterol levels is marginal at best. BTW, you can easily supplement Q10 with statin medication. (21 replies)
... rs my cholesterol was 250, 275 and then got up to 335 and even 350. I took Lipitor, Zocor with no results. I tried to lose wieght and could not get it down. My triglyerides were 575. I was scared. ... (21 replies)
... These #'s were taken from Oct 2003's reading: Total: 240 HDL: 69 LDL: 162 :nono: Triglyerides: 35 Glucose: 72 I know the LDL is up but, over-all, how does it look? (2 replies)
... Your blood profile is probably as important as your stress echo test. Stress echos are similar in sensitivity and accuracy as a thallium stress test. Echos are generally more aimed at the heart as opposed to arteries, but they are effective tools. Many variables involved. You will not likely find 50% or less stenosis showing up. If your profile data came back all positives,... (16 replies)
... How accurate would a stress echo be by comparison? I just had one done to evaluate the possibility of coronary artery disease. I also had a lipid plus risk profile done which included not only my cholesterol and triglyerides but also a test for C-reactive protein, lipoprotein and homocysteine. (16 replies)
... If you are trying to get pregnant do "NOT" take any type of cholesterol meds , almost all of them indicate that they can cause birth defects if taken while pregnant . (6 replies)
... Your 70+/- HDL is a very good thing and your excellent trigs skews your calculated LDL in such a way as to make the somewhat high LDL much less meaningful. (6 replies)
... I will most likely stay on this apple regimen.... I am trying to get pregnant and will begin fertility treatment (meds) next cycle (approximently 13 days)... So, it all depends on how I feel (these meds make you crazy :rolleyes: ). My #'s were not too bad but I am just an impulsive worrier. (Plus, a health nut). Here are my #'s again: Total: 240 HDL: 69 LDL: 160... (6 replies)

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