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... Ive known of my high levels for years and have been on Lescol and lipitor....both have done little to help me get in a safe range....although diet has done the best.....My question is what should I take to help me get normal with just good diet....I dont take any meds for it now...they seem to hurt more that help me.....Ive seen Niacin talk and co-q10....can one of you buffs... (8 replies)
... Have you tried increasing your fish oils ? Eating more fish and/ or taking Omegas might help. I have a problem with triglycerides and I take plant sterols in supplement form, it really helps allot. My issue is because of a medication I am taking ,but as long as I stay on the sterols, my numbers stay within high normal range. Good luck to you. MSNik (4 replies)
... Kathy, Triglycerides sure do contribute towards your cholesterol levels, because approximately one-fifth of triglycerides is made up of VLDL. As you can see by the way total cholesterol is calculated, triglycerides can skew your lipid profile and worsen your ratios: TC = LDL + HDL + (trigs/5) Since you said that you are already taking a number of different... (8 replies)

... LDL 143 but my HDL slid down in the 30's and trigs up to about 183..NOT good. Can't remember the exact numbers, but that was the range. Hubby has always had low TC... ... (61 replies)
... Not sure what this means since the last time I had my lipid panel, it showed the LDL, this time it didn't. It's not a number that can be typed in, I work there and have seen the machine. It's through a fingerstick. It has to be calculated somehow. I have had allergies way before I started the omeprazole. But that is interesting. Do you think Kaiser would? I was... (15 replies)
... at least U are taking a med and are aware of what U need to do. Yes, stress can elevate Trigs., but not that high. U just might need a combo thing to get those trigs down, as Lipitor isn't the greatest for Trigs. ... (16 replies)
Advise Please
Dec 12, 2003
... Trigs equation dead horse again. The reason your LDL is so low is exactly because your trigs are so high. ... (16 replies)
... Your trigs are really not bad either, though eliminating some junk foods and sweets may lower them quite more. ... (19 replies)
... But your HDL was abnormal when your trigs. were at 358 and 894. It's only when your trigs. became normal that your HDL followed in suit. I've never seen, until now, a reference range that allows an HDL of 35 to be considered normal - that seems too low. Yes - my trigs. go higher with high-carb foods: sweets, white rice, pasta and breads, etc. (12 replies)
... far as the Trig guidelines, they are right, it isn't below 100. Seems the Trigs have a bigger span then most everything else, but of course the lower the better, but with your mom being diabetic, having high Trigs sometimes goes with it. ... (13 replies)
... I would ask the dr. if U can go on 10 mgs., as the numbers are good, but are only going to get lower, and it has been proven, too low a cholesterol is as bad as too high. Also with the liver enzymes elevated, it might get worse, so keep a close eye on things, as not everyone is cut out to take statins. Good luck....... :wave: (19 replies)
... Your cholesterol is now too low. Your exercise may have caused you cholesterol in come in part. The reduction of HDL is not good, as this is probably the only part of the choleseterol test that I find benificial. Also you shouldn't be taking niacin with the statins as the greatly increase the chance of myopathy. From you liver test it appears that you are having the early... (19 replies)
... drop. I've increased exercise during the last two tests and continue to take niacin and omega 3 fish oil. Also, are my trigs still too high? ... (19 replies)
... I just had my Lipid profile done last week so have the reference range in front of me. I know...CHEATER..... ... (8 replies)
... Well his Trigs have always been out of wack, but it seems since he went on the Atenolol they have gotten worse, and I did not know his reg. dr. ... (26 replies)
... Hi Lane..To be honest, I really can't answer about the kidney thing, but as U said, she is at present at the top of the range, but maybe that will change next blood test. Once my Thyroid was off the charts, and noone knew why, yet the next blood test it was perfect???? As far as her HDL, from what I have heard, if the Trigs. go up usually the HDL goes down. I truly wish I had... (13 replies)
... thyroid make sure you get a FREE T3 test. It is not the same as a Total T3. Even if TSH is within range, doesn't mean your Free T3 is. ANd even if they are in range doesn't mean they are optimal for you. From what others say on here, you might possibly have Metabolic X syndrome.... ... (15 replies)
Mar 2, 2005
... they appear to be headed that way. Bring the trigs under control and numbers will more than likely fall back into range. or at least close to it. ... (3 replies)
... Congratulations. That is great and quite beneficial from a health perspective. That is probably the second best thing you've done to reduce your risk of heart disease. That is an excellent lipid profile. You don't need any drugs based on those numbers. The risks just don't justify the benefits, if any in your case. Of particular importance is your very high HDL level... (8 replies)
... Now, if the results still show that you are in this danger range your last option should be medication. ... (12 replies)

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