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... White male, 37 years old, 190 lbs, 6 ft tall Just got a employer required bloodwork done, and my tryglycerides are 578 but the doc (over the phone) told me my HDL and LDL are "in normal parameters." My BP is 140/90, also. Am I going to die of a stroke tomorrow or what? I have started walking 30 mins a day as of a month ago. Comments, nutritional ideas, etc? (5 replies)
... is a symptom, not the problem. Cholesterol is vital for cell survival. Too low of a cholesterol level can be just as bad if not worse than too high of a cholesterol level. ... (3 replies)
... s, some of European descent, and some a little bit of everything. These people of different cultures ate different types of food throughout history. Some where high in protein and fat from animal sources and low in carbohydrate, and some were higher in carbohydrate and lower in animal products. ... (13 replies)

High Numbers
Aug 3, 2015
... So my physical came back with everything high that should be low, and low on what should be high. Doctor has put me on Fenofibrate, 145mg. ... (2 replies)
... I recommend asking for a VAP lipoprotein test, which will show your LDL particle sizes. With such a high triglyceride level, you could very well have lots of small particle LDL, which is more dangerous than big particle LDL. ... (5 replies)
... Her numbers just prove that there's more to heart disease then high cholestrol. Her Triggs are normal, but not exactly low and her good cholestrol is barely above the minimum of 40. Yet this 70 year old has no plaque. Hmmmmmmmm. ... (5 replies)
... I have just been told the same thing, high tryglycerides. Doc told me to cut back on sugars and fats and do lots of cardio exercise. ... (2 replies)
High Triglycerides
Mar 25, 2009
... My Dr. said that if I don't take the fibrate I could die from Pancreaitus. Anyone else out there with high tryglycerides? ... (2 replies)
... I have been taking 500 mg niacin in the morning and 1500 after supper. I started doing this after reading Dr. Agatston's book "The South Beach Heart Program". I was concerned about low HDL which had always been around 40-42. I get a blood test every three months and the latest numbers are Total chol 136 Hdl 61 Ldl 68 tryglycerides 15... (2 replies)
... I agree with trying first to reduce your "white carbs," including sugar, white flour products, white rice, potatoes, etc. Doing that did help reduce my triglycerides somewhat. However, I could never get them into the normal/desired range (below 150) with all the meds and diet manipulations in the world (the best I could do was 159), UNTIL I eliminated wheat/gluten. Within... (5 replies)
... following the GI will mean reducing the amount of potatoes and rice. Potatoes are a big source of potassium, so it's important to substitue foods that are also high in the same nutriant when reducing foods on any diet plan. ... (5 replies)
... ...I follow a diet based on the glycemic index and my triglycerides dropped from 350 to 97 and my blood pressure dropped from 135/80 to 118/75. High triglycerides can be an indication of insulin resistance and/ or Metabolic syndrome. Something you may want to research to see if it might help you with your triglycerides. Rick (5 replies)
... Are sugars biggest problem for tryglycerides or fats? ... (15 replies)
... lls for burning, or into fat cells for storage. They can even be made from proteins and carbohydrates when they are in excess but are most readily available in a high fat diet. This circulating fat is proven to be damaging in most of its forms and the damage is proportional to the amount. ... (14 replies)
... My HDL is 1.03 mmol/L (39.8 mg/DL); LDL is 2.4 mmol/L (93 mg/DL); Tryglycerides is 107 mmol/L (41.4 mg/DL). With my two stents, I do fall into the "have heart disease" category so my LDL SHOULD be below 1.8 (70 mg/DL) and my cardiologist says, ideally below 1.6 (62 mg/DL). The disconcerting thing is that earlier this year, my LDL was 1.44 (55.7 mg/DL) so going up to 2.4... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the response. My LDL was 241, HDL 45 and triglycerides 141. This is actually the first time I can remember that my tryglycerides have been in a good range. ... (5 replies)
... Hi kelly, ,,,We're just meeting every where aren't we? If you read around on this board, you'll see several comments on the glycemic index. I saw a great improvement on my cholesterol numbers since I been on a low to medium glycvemic index diet so you may want to try something like that with your dad. My blood pressure has also dropped to 110/75 and a year ago it was... (3 replies)
... JBlondie gave you great advice. Please follow it and do not self medicate yourself. Check out the Mediterranean Style or Omega diets on the internet. Both are heart healthy but must be a lifestyle change. Alcohol and sugars will raise tryglycerides. Need to cut back on those. With family history you need to take good care of yourself. Any pain or strange feelings when... (12 replies)
... I know the LDL is still high but it's within an OK range? ... (13 replies)
... The first lipid test was performed at Kaiser, and the second was performed at a urgent care clinic, and they sent it off to unilab. I am thinking about retesting cause the first one I did fast for because the doctor had told me not to eat for 12 hours, and since the second test was at a urgent care clinic, I did not fast. And thanks for the info, cause they did calculate,... (14 replies)

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