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... how to lower Tryiglycerides without medication (3 replies)
... Thanks a lot for the advise. I was referring to my crp which seems to be very good and indicates a very low risk for CHD. But my cholesterol appears to not too good especially my triglycerides. Which nuts are Good to reduce tryiglycerides. I am vegetarian and don't ear fish (3 replies)
... Thanks a lot for the advise. I was referring to my crp which seems to be very good and indicates a very low risk for CHD. But my cholesterol appears to not too good especially my triglycerides. Which nuts are Good to reduce tryiglycerides. I am vegetarian and don't ear fish (3 replies)

... Ahh! think I have found the secret to lowering triglycrides. After I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes, I started eating lean meat and non-starch veggies. Apparently starch food and sweets were keeping my triglycrides up. Amazing how fast my tryglycrides came down after I stopped eating starches and sweets. Believe it or not, there is still food to eat even tho you... (3 replies)
... I'd like suggestions too. Hubby was diagnosed last week. His level was 395. He refused the medication and wants to try to lower with diet. Does anybody have any suggestions for specific dietary changes? (3 replies)
... Fish oil (2-3 grams daily of Omega 3s) + dietary changes, should help. Reduce carb intake, and eliminate sugary foods (cookies, cakes, etc.). (3 replies)
... Tony, How does Merlot rank? It's about the only one that I can tolerate. Thanks very much for the tip on pressed grape juice! (15 replies)
... my best numbers with lowering tri's are with red wine and fish oil. there is an excellent article in men's journal (march 2007) involving resveratrol (the supposed beneficial component of red wine). I'm not sure I'm ready to use a supplement of it, YET, but I do know that drinking red wine a few times a week over a 6 month period brought mine down >100 points. the problem... (15 replies)
... Timm, Potatoes are potatoes...use what you like best. Sugar alcohols aren't real avoided unless you need a laxative. (15 replies)
... on sugars, what about products that use sugar alcholos (such adkins, south beach, etc...) do those also change into tryis or are they ok as a substitute? (15 replies)
... Another question. Are there any type of potatoes that are ok? Like red potatoes? or should they all kinda be avoided? (15 replies)
... Yes, apples are great (the benefit of the fiber in them far outweigh any natural sugar they contain). Don't worry about the sugar in fresh fruit. When buying products at the market, avoid high fructose corn syrup (some say this is worse than sugar) and added sugar in the ingredients list. It is the Ingredients list you want to read for sugar; not the Nutritional Label... (15 replies)
... Yep, Probably NOBODY with a 32 inch waist has Metabolic Syndrome unless he's under age 6.:D Hmmm, 2 Tbsp of sugar in a cup of coffee. Does that require a BLENDER?:jester: (15 replies)
... well.... it was actually more like 2 tablespoons full of sugar in my coffee :D I am... er... was a sugar fiend. going with black coffee in the morning now. I checked up on syndrome X, not sure that is me but will talk to my Dr. about it. I'm not overweight and my waist is only 32, but I do have the high trig and low HDL. At least I quit smoking 9 years ago and haven't... (15 replies)
... fishertimm, No, I don't think a spoonful of sugar would make such a drastic differnce in triglycerides. Here's why...that's 633 mg/dL and the body contains about 60 dL of blood. So that's almost 40,000 mg. of triglycerides (blood-fat) or 40 grams, an ounce and a half. Something else is at work here. Both sugars and fats can be a problem for triglyceride leves, but... (15 replies)
... I would get off of the tricor. Stay on your diet, and make sure you fast for that test. You should disregard the test you had, because you didn't follow directions. You know what happened to us in school when we didn't follow Also all the cholesterol lowering medications say..along with diet and exercise... How many people that take cholesterol... (15 replies)
... It takes awhile to get use to what you can and can not eat, and to come up with plans you will enjoy. Go for foods with fiber, low carb stuff, and definitely stay away from frying a much as possible. Give it some time, plus I'm sure folks on here will do their best togive you some ideas. I still eat meat, just in smaller portions, and always grill or broil stuff. Cut back on... (15 replies)
... Ok, I'm frustrated now. I went to the grocery store to start my new diet and cannot figure out what to eat. I don't like fish so I got some fish oil vitamins. Sooo hard to figure out what to buy to eat when most things at the store are processed, or high in sugars/carbs etc... I managed to get few things, mostly veggies and some chicken (will broil not fry). Im gonna have... (15 replies)
... Connie gave you some very good advice, but don't forget to also avoid processed foods. There is alot of junk in them so their store shelf live lasts long. We have switched to wheat pasta when we do eat pasta, and definitely Whole Wheat bread. Watch those carbs, get some exercise, and I think U will do fine, as my husband use to always have very high Trigs too, but lately after... (15 replies)
... thanks for the reply, I got a copy of my labs: triglycerides 631 total cholesterol 197 HDL 35 LDL invalid due to triglycerides so high ratio 5.6 last time triglycerides were 266 (I had to look them up) so was too high then. I had cut down on fats, but did not realize about sugars and flour and probably even increased my consumption in that which is why gotten... (15 replies)

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