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... And was actually surprised. 9 months ago I had a cholesterol test done. And again a couple of weeks ago. ... (14 replies)
Fish Nutrition.
Jan 24, 2005
... Tuna, Mackeral and Salmon and sardines are the hishest as far as health benefits but take note that they must be wild and not farm raised because then you are just defeating your whole purpose. Your best bet is to go to Whole Foods and buy them. Most supermarkets have farm raised fish..Lisa (13 replies)
... think I was eating too many, so I haven't missed my morning slice of toast with egg whites or my daily sandwich for lunch. They've been replaced with fruit and tuna or salmon. Now here's what I don't get...Salmon and Tuna are loaded with Cholesterol but my doc said that was ok, just no shellfish like shrimp. ... (17 replies)

... and last, the big debate, tuna, i always bought tuna in water, not oil, but i have heard some say tuna is high in cholesterol and heard some say it is good to lower ldl or raise hdl, cant remember wich, anyone know if tuna is safe or not? ... (3 replies)
... The worries over dietary cholesterol were overblown decades ago when the Framingham study showed a high correlation between blood cholesterol and heart disease. The connection is VERY real BUT the response of lowering dietary cholesterol was a mistake... ... (10 replies)
... Here is the approach I am taking. By the way my mother, when she was 62 had cholesterol at 300 and it is now 192. She is now 79. Her approach is more or less the same as mine. ... (95 replies)
Fish Nutrition.
Jan 23, 2005
... Is our concern just cholesterol? Or is it CVD? Research in the 1970s with Greenland Eskimos following their traditional diet of fish and marine animals showed extremely low rates of CVD. When they reviewed ten years of records at one hospital, they found not a single case of heart attack. True, part of the low rate of CVD might have been genetic. But the belief was that... (13 replies)
What should I do?
Jan 14, 2005
... What are your actual cholesterol numbers? ... (2 replies)
... Tuna won't hurt you except that if you're pregnant, eating a lot of tuna apparently isn't such a good idea. I like the kind packed in olive oil because I think it tastes better even though it has more calories. ... (3 replies)
... A good way of increasing HDL's is to increase your fish intake. Try eating oily fish two times a week. Salmon and tuna are especially good. ... (13 replies)
Little Help
Nov 25, 2002
... My last 9 months of quarterly lipid panels consist of total cholesterol readings of 96, 100, and 94. ... (20 replies)
Success -
Apr 18, 2013
... cholesterol results and absolutely freaked out. I read everything I could about what causes cholesterol to be raised and prayed like all hell that I didn't have genetically high cholesterol that couldn't be fixed without going on statins. ... (5 replies)
... s to have the cold, leftover pepperoni pizza from the night before... We've all made dumb decisions in our past, but back then no one was really concerned about cholesterol or CRP or anything else. ... (95 replies)
... Hope the tuna you are eating is fresh not tinned. ... (5 replies)
... Hope some of you "veterans" of the cholesterol war can help me. My husband just got his cholesterol test back and it was 244. Mine was 217. So now we're both trying to lower our cholesterol with diet and excercise. ... (10 replies)
... fish diet and still counting total fat and total cal. to stay in my range, which did cause my cholesterol to drop quickly. Once my cholesterol was down I added very lean cuts of meat. Oats are also very good at helping to lower cholesterol. There is also weight to consider and genes. ... (7 replies)
... I am going to see my doctor on Monday and discuss my cholesterol worries. ... (2 replies)
... The only thing that is obvious to me is that your cholesterol came down. ... (7 replies)
... going to cut out the soda and the occasional indulgence of fast food and bring back more oatmeal and salads into my diet. Despite mercury, I'm going to add more tuna and other fish. Supplimenting with Flaxseed, Flaxseed oil and other omega 3's. ... and vitamin E to help break down the Coenzyme Q10. Cinnamon? ... (4 replies)
... which brought my TC to 202. My doc still wasn't happy, so I increased it to 750 mg, which brought it to 190. I just wanted to point out that for some people, a cholesterol level like yours can be brought under control with considerably less niacin than 2 grams a day. ... (95 replies)

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