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Little Help
Nov 25, 2002
... I talked a little about my diet change...I used to have a total chol of 270 in 1997. My cholesterol ran about 200 while taking tricor (mainly to lower triglycerides back down to 155). My last 9 months of quarterly lipid panels consist of total cholesterol readings of 96, 100, and 94. So what changed besides dropping 55 lbs: Mainly my diet. I no longer eat red meats... (20 replies)
... This was after a month of eating nothing but tuna and humus per dr. Orders. ... (7 replies)
... I completed the HDL test on my home meter and it showed 25 which was disappointing. I have yet to test my Trigylercides which I will do tonight. Total cholesterol showed at 150. ... (2 replies)

... I started eating oatmeal each morning, ate either salads or a tuna fish sandwiches for lunch and lowered my portions of meat and carbs., like pasta or potatoes at dinner time and increased my veggies. ... (22 replies)
I think I got it
Feb 8, 2007
... I am eating a bit more tuna as well. ... (5 replies)
I think I got it
Feb 7, 2007
... Lunch was basically a salad, Tuna on Flat Bread, Broccoli Slaw on Flat Bread, soup or a Kashi type frozen meal. ... (5 replies)
... Gardeninggal, I'll make this short. I take lipitor 10mg, and cholestoff, 2 tablets per day. I have no known side effects from the lipitor. I am 63 yrs old, female, former long-time smoker. Lipitor lowered my cholesterol considerably, including LDL. TC seems to hover in the 190s. Other things that I do that may or may not influence LDL, HDL, & Trigs (how is one to... (16 replies)
Cholestoral is 204
Jul 19, 2005
... Did they give U your other numbers, like LDL-HDL and Trigs.? U have to look at the whole picture, but 204 for a TC is not high at all. Best thing to do is stick to a good diet and exercise program. Stay away from any junk food, starchy foods like rice, pasta or pre mixed stuff. Definitely add plenty of fruits and veggies to your diet, and get some good fats into your system,... (5 replies)
... BabyDog, Sounds like you how have a healthy lifestyle to me... I haven't gotten my fat level down to 10grams/day, I don't 'count' calories or grams of fat but I do avoid foods containing too much saturated and any trans fats at all - perhaps I should start counting - mostly I pay attention to my wasteline and weight. During college, my idea of Saturday breakfast was to... (95 replies)
... It doesn't sound like you can improve your diet much. If you aren't eating fatty fish like salmon or tuna twice weekly, you might do that. Or you could start taking a fish oil supplement. Then try to get more cardio exercise. ... (20 replies)
... e salmon, tuna, and mackerel are the one with the oil. I don't know about the capsules, but I think it's supposed to be 3 servings of oily fish per week to raise HDL and lower LDL if you're going to eat the fish instead. Just remember to broil it or bake it instead of frying it. ... (5 replies)
... Too bad statins and Zetia give you problems. Your #s along with the family history requires an LDL well below 100. Fish oil will only lower the TRIGS...are you sure your TRIG is 19 :eek: ..never heard of a # that low (mine are around 75...UNDER 150 IS ACCEPTABLE). If diet isn't working, I would try a HALF dose of the statin Crestor (5 mg) daily, which is as effective as 20 mg... (18 replies)
... can't take fish oil, even the coated fisol does not keep away the fish burps. I am taking flax seed oil and I eat a heart healthy diet and try to eat salmon and tuna a couple times a week. I exercise every day mainly walking for atleast an hour. Thanks in advance for your input. ... (18 replies)
... Hi All, I just got a letter from my doctor asking me to make another appointment to discuss the results of my blood work. She said my cholesterol is really high. The numbers are: Cholesterol 293 Triglycerides 105 HDL 85 LDL 187 Well, I've done some quick reading and they do seem to be high. I am a 47 year old female. 5'3" 120... (28 replies)
... Also, your HDL is too low. ... (7 replies)
... the high HDL is due to us consuming a lot of fish. ... (4 replies)

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