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Vytorin 10/20 WOW!
Dec 30, 2006
... If they were normal, then the simvastatin in the Vytorin is not likely to be the culprit. ... (6 replies)
Niacin Studies
Jan 22, 2007
... Lenin (and anyone else), I'm considering trying a bottle of the 750 mg Slo-Niacin for 60 days. Do you think it's too much (coupled with the Vytorin 10/20)? The literature seems to indicate that one shouldn't take > 1 gram with statin. I was thrilled when my HDL hit 42 with the Vytorin 10/20 and 500 mg Slo-Niacin:blob_fire . I visited my retina specialist this past... (24 replies)
Lipitor or niacin?
Dec 25, 2004
... I'm not sure if you did the progression from Lipitor to Vytorin to Niacin, or if you are currently taking Vytorin AND niacin. If the latter make sure you tell your doctor and have frequent liver function tests. ... (17 replies)

... At this point all I can do is hope for the best. All I do know to my understanding and I am no expert by any means is that Niacin is extremely good for cholesterol. Not only does it effectively raise your HDL and raise it turns your HDL to a more proactive size. ... (24 replies)
... Is it still safe to take Niacin with Vytorin? ... (6 replies)
... Ventureman, My doctor first tried Niaspan with me. I started at 500 mg then to 1000 mg and then the flushing, etc. ended that experiment. At that time, he told me I would have to get to 2000 mg to see any positive impact. You being able to tolerate 3000 mg is amazing to me. I think your numbers are fantastic. They're similar to mine now (except I'm taking 500 to 1000... (17 replies)
... diet it can simultaneously lower triglycerides while raising HDL. Remember, as triglycerides come down, HDL goes up, and vice versa. And, as for increasing HDL, niacin is by far the best. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Dave, Wow, Your been on the cholesterol lowering circuit !!! I abbreviated your info to highlight the good stuff (or bad stuff). Just so I understand what you're taking now......... You are taking only Advicor, right? Advicor is a combination of niacin and lovastatin (aka Mev a cor) (one tablet taken once a day at bedtime) (4 replies)
Niacin Studies
Jan 22, 2007
... Lenin, Did you up your dose of slo-niacin to 750 mg? I've read on the bottle that the 500 mg can be split at the score line so no need to buy the 750 if I decide to up my dose. One concern that you've expressed before is a tripled approach (Zocor + Zetia + Niacin). I need to do some research on that one before deciding. One of the Slo-Niacin studies was a triple (niacin... (24 replies)
... ll but have just stopped using due to thyroid issues. I went to an Endo and he began questioning me about using Niacin. I came home and researched to find that Niacin can have a negative effect on the thyroid. ... (24 replies)
... I asked for a referral to a cardiologist, but he said until I was on 500mg 2X daily of the flush niacin he would not grant it. ... (12 replies)
Niacin Flush
Nov 9, 2006
... There is a NO FLUSH NIACIN that can be purchased at your local health food stores or from Vitiman Co's. ... (21 replies)
... I would say niacin works in the liver. But, as Lenin said, it probably isn't a good idea to start taking niacin on top of a statin without consulting with your doctor first. Although statins excel at lowering TC and LDL, niacin possessus other advantages. ... (7 replies)
Vytorin 10/20 WOW!
Dec 30, 2006
... So, I think the Niacin and Vytorin combo is responsible for that result. ... (6 replies)
... Arizona77, I think your RYR numbers are fantastic. Looks like your ratio is about 3:5 to 1 which Lenin taught me is fantastic. Boy do I miss his input:(. Your HDL is still not bad but I guess you can shoot for the stars:cool:. I've lost 20+ pounds and am exercising 3 or 4 days/week for 1 hour. I'm taking the Centrum Heart vitamin x2/day but am laying off the Niacin. I... (24 replies)
Niacin Flush
Nov 8, 2006
... numbers. My doctor now recommended that I take the regular B3 niacin starting at 25mg and working my way to 1000mg per day. ... (21 replies)
Lipitor or niacin?
Dec 24, 2004
... Hi, I'm on Niacin 500mgs. moving up to 1000mgs. next month. Have looked on the net. and itshows good results in case studies. I was also on Lipitor but was changed to Vytorin. ... (17 replies)
... and also take 500mg Niacin twice a day and 100mg CoQ10 once a day and my total cholesterol is now 160. ... (3 replies)
... You're exactly right about the vytorin composition. ... (6 replies)
... t work, try niacin and see if you can take enough to ikeep your HDL at 40. If nothing except Vytorin raises your HDL, then Vytorin it is. ... (10 replies)

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