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... No, U don't have to wean off of them. Hubby and I just tossed them in the pail. Only thing U have to remember is, the cholesterol will probably go back up. ... (16 replies)
... Does anyone know if it's necessary to wean off statins, Zocor, in particular. ... (16 replies)
... As far as statins being able to raise glucose, yes, my dr. told me that, as did hubby's cardio man, so that I do believe to be true. ... (16 replies)

... I would suggest a reduction to see if she does better. Depending on the heighth of her cholesterol we would not want to trigger an unecessary heart attack. That would be counterproductive. It actually COULD come down to a 'saw' or a 'pill'. I would choose the pill. Statins cause Blood glucose to rise?? Heh heh...That's a new one. Where did you hear THAT from ? deleted ... (16 replies)
... Stumper...U really can't blame the SIL or anyone else that continues with statins even with pains and aches, as when U tell the drs., all they do is tell U it is arthritis or just "getting old". ... (16 replies)
... and you must take CoQ10 while you are taking statins. It is also not true that that a small sugar spike could trigger a sugar spike with all three present. Statins are know to cause blood gluscose to rise. ... (16 replies)
... JJ, I would agree with you if this is what they docs told her. But I am not really sure if they did. More importantly, it is very important to probably know more about this SIL. IF she has diabetes or is insulin resistant, and has HBP, along with high cholesterol going off a Statin and a sudden glucose spike could trigger a heart attack as Stated in a book called... (16 replies)
... JJ, Sooner or later if we live long enough I am reasonably confident one of these will probably get us. Diabetes, HBP, heart disease or worse yet, cancer. Hopefully it's not the latter. I have seen and heard of many things blamed upon pills or some other such nonsense and the only thing that is never or hardly ever blamed is age or the persons genetic predisposition to... (16 replies)
... It was Lipitor. The people at the statin study told me where to find it. I will look though my files, and give directions of how to find it. That is why the people at the statin study find it disturbing that all of a sudden they think that all diabetics should be on cholesterol lowering medicines. Also recent reports have shown that seriously ill diabetics have had many ... (16 replies)
... That is another thing drs. don't seem to agree on, these BB's raising glucose. My new dr. thinks they are the best things on the market, yet when they had me on them I noticed a rise in glucose and have noticed one in hubby since they upped his. I have looked it up and came across many, many sites that list it as a glucose riser. As soon as hubby is squared away with this... (16 replies)
... Arizona, It may have been in the news but it is not documented nor in any clinical studies that I know of. For that matter they are now finding out that ALL diabetics OUGHT to be on Statins. I have never noticed any rise in mine, nor anyone, not one, person I know that takes them. Now BP meds...THAT could be another story. Some nonselective Beta blockers and diuretics... (16 replies)
... Stumper, there actually is some truth to this. I remember reading about this a few years ago. I believe it involved Lipitor and its adverse effects on blood sugar levels in some diabetics. No, this is not nonsense. It was in the news. (16 replies)
... But I agree ith JJ, she should cut her pills in half, and perhaps reap the great benefits of Statins without side affects she may be feeling. Also keep in mind that HBP, diabetes, and high Cholesterol are a BAD combination. ... (16 replies)
... closed thread, they don't think weaning off these drugs is necessary. Is this true? ... (5 replies)
... finres, Do you know when the UCSD Statin Study will conclude, and when they will publish their results? HubbleRules :cool: (16 replies)
... Myopathy is the death of muscle cells. Anyone who suspects it should have an immediate blood test for serum creatine phosphokinase (called CPK or CK) which soars with destruction of any appreciable amount of muscle cells. There is no need to wean from a statin...if you hate it, you can stop overnight. Your blood lipid levels will go up but not in a dangerous spike. It will... (16 replies)
... The place to look for the glycemic control...look up "marc sabatine high dose atorvastatin associated with worsening glycemic control"....also something else of interest..."brain researchers discover bright side of cholesterol molecule' (16 replies)
... I asked the pharmacist about the statin my mom just started, (zorcor) if it woud interact with her bp med or diabetes med and he said no. He advised my mom to take the zorcor every other day. She cuts it in half and take it every day. She has had no problems so far. My mom's bp med is causing her glucose and cholesterol to elevate. Her dr. upped the insulin and... (16 replies)
... weeks and had my follow up blood work today. I do not want to be on statin drugs however I took the Zocor with the intent of getting my numbers down and then weaning off of it and controlling it with diet and exercise. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you! Agree that I've a 'modest' need for statins now but if I lose some weight I'm sure I won't and sugar number will go down. ... (12 replies)

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