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... do you have anything to back this up? my dad is on chemo and his doc said to keep taking lipitor, and we questioned it, but don't have any proof that it's a bad idea, just gut feelings... thanks! (24 replies)
... High cholesterol in older young women, and for that matter men, has shown little or no correlation to cardiac events or increased life span based on the Framingham study. ... (24 replies)
... Mooler, Right, you are too young to have that high chol First of all, let me tell you that I have had very bad side effects from Satins and have been off them for over 7 months. I take Beta Sitosterol, niacin, and Red yeast rice, which has helped me get my numbers down to 200 at my last blood work up. Any of these are available at your health food stores. And one... (7 replies)

... i found out in november i have high cholesterol.i had it before at a young age but my results have been normal,i guess,since that one time up until november.i am 26 yrs can find my numbers on the post here. ... (3 replies)
May 26, 2006
... i was just concerned because i had high cholesterol when i was around 12 yrs old and now at 26 it's back.i read some where that plaque can start to build up as young as your teenage years.i have weird pains in my chest every so often and i am just worried.does the cardio look for blocked arteries or plaque build up? ... (8 replies)
... Was the magnesium test and intracellular one, and not merely a serum test? An intracellular test will take 2 weeks. (43 replies)
... I don't know your age, but my daughter is 34 and also has high cholesterol, and tricyclerides. It's hereditary, because my husband and I both have it. ... (11 replies)
... i dont know of anyone in my family to have this problem,but doc said it was probably hereditary due to the fact i had high cholesterol when i was reallyu young but havent had it again until now,and i am what do i need to be working on? ... (4 replies)
... Posit the poor soul with rotten cholesterol numbers, who's had a heart attack and gets low blood fats with a statin for several months. ... (17 replies)
... Those numbers aren't really that bad except LDL which is a bit higher than optimum. The HDL reading is "to die for". Triglycerides in the 90's is also very good reading. I wouldn't be that concerned unless his next test showed an increase in LDL pushing ratios toward the "red zone". (9 replies)
... Most doctors are educated by their pharmecuetical reps. Numbers have to be looked at in relation to the whole lipid profile. 248 would be bad if his HDL was 35 and his trigs were 250, but they are not. Don't listen to opinions and do your own research of peer reviewed independant studies, not studies sponsored by drug companies. No one benefits from ststins over the age of... (9 replies)
... Did his doctor say his numbers were really bad because I'm not seeing it that way? With his total at 248 and his HDL at 91(which by the way is excellent) that would make his risk ratio 2.7 which is very good. His trigs being in the 90's is excellent. Even if his trigs were 99 that would make his LDL 139 which could be better but I believe the other numbers really make that... (9 replies)
May 19, 2004
... and polyunsaturated fats just might help you avoid the perils of high cholesterol in your later years. You are young now and it's a good time to start. ... (8 replies)
... .entered on the wrong board sorry (4 replies)
... and just found out that I my cholesterol is 251. My ab is 161. I dont know what that means. My dr. said I am young so she wants me to try and control this by diet. My father died in 1990 at the age of 44 of a heart attack. I love red meat and fats, I dont know what to do. ... (4 replies)
... I don't blame my doc. He probably thought the risk was low for me and thought the high cholesterol was a greater risk. Maybe he told me to check back with him I don't remember. ... (10 replies)
... respectively. Step I and Step II diets were recommended for treatment of high blood cholesterol. Initial dietary recommendations for patients consuming the Step I diet were similar to those advocated by the American Heart Association. ... (30 replies)
... fat high carbohydrate diet or a low carbohydrate diet like that advocated by Dr. Atkins, or something else altogether. ... (38 replies)
... our total chol is under 200. As far as your concern about your HDL, your ratios are OK. A high HDL does not mean much if all your other numbers are NG, and great cholesterol numbers mean nothing if your CRP, homocycteine, fibrinogen levels etc are off whack. ... (18 replies)
... My high LDL's are up there 'I THINK' because I have been snacking A LOT lately on plenty of junk food. ... (4 replies)

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