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... Well your numbers aren't great, but I still think for your age, they should try something besides meds. Did they mention anything about U possibly taking over the counter Niacin, low dose of course? From what I have heard, they now have even a non flush OTC Niacin, that is what my dr. told me to give a try, as she knows I won't take any statin. Mine has to be heredity... (26 replies)
... Lisa..sounds like you definitely have to convince him to eat better foods and get at least a little exercise, as he is way too young for those problems. ... (13 replies)
... of the treatment groups undergoing vigorous cholesterol lowering compared with control groups in several of these studies, including patients with severe coronary artery stenoses. ... (33 replies)

... My labs: 12/31/09 Trigs 138 (normal) Cholesterol 250 (High) HDL 23 (good cholesterol... should be above 40... way low). LDL 158 (High. Normal is 1-129.9). LDl/HDL Ratio 6.32 High (Normal is 0-3.5) Chol/HDL Radio 8.4 (High, Normal is 0-5). (32 replies)
Statins use???
Jun 5, 2006
... One of the most surprising facts about cholesterol is that there is no relationship between the blood cholesterol level and the degree of atherosclerosis in the vessels. ... (29 replies)
... bullet for your cholesterol results, or something to ease your mind... ... (20 replies)
... As I see it, your main area of concern is your LDL, which accounts for your high cholesterol level. Given your situation, I can understand your reluctance to take medications. But there are still ways to minimize your risk. ... (25 replies)
New Numbers
Nov 9, 2007
... during the same physical too. Funny thing was... he was just diagnosed with high cholesterol so he started on statins the same week I did. ... (15 replies)
... I was really freaked by this. I've been strictly following my Slim Fast diet for a month, and my family does not eat high cholesterol foods constantly. ... (10 replies)
... I think if you have a history in your family of heart attacks like I did, you may want to seriously consider it, to at least lower the cholesterol count while you work out your diet. The drugs and diet go hand in hand. If you have genetic high cholesterol, drugs alone won't do it. ... (4 replies)
... Your cholesterol/HDL ration is 4.5. My doctor about freaked out when my ratio got up to 4.0, as that is the highest it has ever been. So I took a look at what the recommendations are for ratio. I found some statements which were a little different, but here is a common recommendation: MEN 3.8 & below - below average risk 3.9-4.7 average risk 4.8-5.9 moderate risk... (19 replies)
Little Help
Jun 26, 2001
... alcohol, particularly beer. This will lower your triglycerides. Make sure you eat enough protein. You can eat meats, trim the fats and this will help lower your cholesterol because your liver will get the message that it doesn't have to make an overabundance. ... (20 replies)
... bout everything. I work in a complex field myself so I know even the experts are sometimes very wrong. Personally I'm open to both explainations including that high cholesterol may cause anxiety instead of the other way around. ... (8 replies)
... I am convinced that the doctors are wrong on this one, and am going to follow my instincts and stay with the natural supplements and not get schizo about total cholesterol over 200... ... (25 replies)
... and a high Resveratrol content grape juice or red wine. A study this month has just been completed on whether grape juice or red wine is the best. ... (7 replies)
... You are at VERY high risk given the #s and family history. A statin is required and it should be a POTENT Lipitor or better yet...CRESTOR. You need to get the LDL (BAD) close to 100 and will require AGGRESSIVE therapy. I would also add regular exercise and diet..high fiber. Fish oil can't hurt either. Good Luck! (6 replies)
... Some people can take these , but I won't lie to you I am not a statin fan it has left me with permanent peripheral neuropathy in both feet after taking statins for 3-4 years . Permanent nerve damage to both feet , almost complete loss of feeling in both feet , and burning and tingling 24 hours a day . If I had known i would never have started them . the people that can... (58 replies)
... I have high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high homocysteine. ... (58 replies)
... times better at predicting heart disease that total cholesterol alone. A ratio of 5.0 is considered "average" risk, with the lower the number, the lower the risk and the higher the number the higher the risk. A ratio of 2. ... (19 replies)
... The doctor said that my good cholesterol and triglycerides were really good showing that I eat pretty healthy and exercise regularly. ... (12 replies)

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