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... So, I don't believe that upping your Crestor dose will make any difference. ... (10 replies)
... I guess I can consider adding niacin, pravachol, zetia, Crestor and Baycol to my current Lipitor...and eating salmon 3 times a day and making chocolate shakes out of cod liver oil and cocoa. ... (8 replies)
Crestor and Zetia
Nov 15, 2006
... mg Zetia is more potent than 20 mg. ... (4 replies)

Crestor and Zetia
Nov 15, 2006
... My mom's boyfriend, who suffered a heart attack about ten years ago, was switched from Lipitor to Crestor and Zetia. ... (4 replies)
... I told you all about the Zetia, I started on that 8 weeks ago, along with all the other things I have been doing in this story. After 4 weeks of taking the Zetia I had a blood test done and it lowered my total cholesterol another 25 points down to 300, and lowered my ldl a significant amount. ... (33 replies)
... acutally, you are getting the same amount of a statin ...crestor 10 to zocor 20mg...zetia is NOT a stain..zetia is a cholesterol absorption inhibitor. (14 replies)
... D . The additional 2mg Crestor probably contributed some, but based on the studies I've seen comparing 5mg Crestor to 10mg.. ... (3 replies)
... Zetia does not deplete the body of has no direct action on the liver. I must caution you that Zetia is really best used as an ADJUNCT to statin therapy in order to bypass having to increase the statin dosage to accomplish the LDL goal. ... (6 replies)
... continents and has been launched in over 40 countries worldwide, including 13 European markets, the US and Canada. Over one million patients have been prescribed CRESTOR and more than two million prescriptions have been written worldwide. ... (14 replies)
May 28, 2004
... Looking GOOD! :bouncing: That HDL jump is quite impressive, I don't think Zetia would do that :confused: Anyway, your beginning #s were much like mine across the board...and I have to say, with a TC/HDL ratio of 4 to begin with, I wonder if any treatment is required in the first place! Having said that, I went on Crestor. I just posted my results taking a low dose schedule... (28 replies)
Crestor and Zetia
Nov 15, 2006
... and Zetia. You may want to look at their webpage for specific studies. Crestor is potent but effective stuff. ... (4 replies)
Oct 28, 2006
... Thanks for your input. I have an appoint. with my Dr in about a week and a half to do another blood workup. Will mention Vytorin to him and see what he does. Thanks for you reply. Appreciated ! Ed (14 replies)
Oct 28, 2006
... The others are right in both respects. Crestor works in your liver although Zetia works in the stomach, and not the liver. ... (14 replies)
... If so zetia can help, and it works better if used with Crestor. ... (6 replies)
... will work...BUT, I really think taking Crestor 5 Mg will work MUCH BETTER and you will have a lower exposure to statin as well. ... (6 replies)
... HUH :confused: ..That's 10 mg Crestor vs 20 mg Zocor (plus 10 mg Zetia in the new drug)..20 is more than 10 in my book anyway. ;) (14 replies)
... I'm currently on Zetia and Fish Oil. ... (0 replies)
... Well, I've been on Zetia for about 6 months with NO side effects, but doc said that the Zetia isn't doing enough. ... (7 replies)
How good is Zetia
Jan 15, 2008
... years and in the last year the dr had to add crestor. A new study about Zetia just came out and said it does nothing that its suspose to do. I am going to call my dr and get off the Zetia and just stay on crestor. ... (5 replies)
... Lenin is right, I think maybe U should lay off the Zetia and see if things improve. As far as the Crestor, that is very powerful stuff. ... (6 replies)

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