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Sep 14, 2006
... Zetia is NOT what they tell you it is. While it is true that zetia does not stop the production of Coq10...they did not go far enough. Zetia is know to stop the absorption of COq10. It also stops the absoption of other essential vitamins. The longest tests that did on Coq10 was a 12 week period. ... (4 replies)
... WOW... :confused: Zetia is NOT a statin. I take it with a statin and it works GREAT. Helped drop my LDL (BAD STUFF) further than the statin alone. (33 replies)
... I'm glad U noticed all the signs and put it together and your dr. listened. My hubby was on Lipitor for 7 years, and only when I was put on it in 2000, and got very sick, did I start to research statins. I tried going off and I would be fine, then as soon as I was fine, they shoved me on something else, and it would start all over again. I finally tossed the fool things in the... (33 replies)

... My husband was on and off Zocor and then changed to Zetia. Zocor caused knee damage and had to stop taking it. Later on he was put on Zetia and it seemed to be working o.k., however, his personality changed some and I thought it was just old age creeping up on him. ... (33 replies)
... Elevated is elevated. Yes, zetia can cause the alt to be elevated. It means you have something going wrong in you body. We have been told that Zetia works in the intestines, and not the liver....However, it is know to cause liver damage. ... (14 replies)
... Although Zetia is not a statin, it is a cholesterol lowering medication. ... (33 replies)
... Yes you still need the COq10. BUt here is the problem. You get Coq10 from food you eat also. Zetia seems to stop that absorption, as well as it stops the absorption of Coq10 from supplements. Kind of like you need gas to run the car.... ... (6 replies)
... I found out I have high cholesterol about a month ago, and have since tried statins, which I cannot tolerate. So, I just started 10mg Zetia 3 days ago. Also, about a month ago, I drastically changed my diet... ... (0 replies)
... some powder drink and now taking Zetia. I was removed off all of these for muscle pain. Cant take a statin at all. So Ive been taking Zetia for over 3 months now and that is my usual max when muscle pain hits me. ... (0 replies)
... it is probably not a fluke.. Zetia was thought to work by stopping absorption in the intestine. It is now known that zetia works by making the NPC1 L1 protein malfunction. Zetia is known to stop the absorption of COq10 as well as other vital nutrients. ... (5 replies)
... I told you all about the Zetia, I started on that 8 weeks ago, along with all the other things I have been doing in this story. After 4 weeks of taking the Zetia I had a blood test done and it lowered my total cholesterol another 25 points down to 300, and lowered my ldl a significant amount. ... (33 replies)
... Your Doctor is correct. You can stop statins cold turkey. I have been on and off three different statins in past years and have stopped them all cold turkey without a single incident. ... (7 replies)
Added Zetia
Apr 8, 2004
... :rolleyes: Boy did I have problems with zetia. I was on 10 mgs and it cause such a severe backache, that I could not walk my regular 3 miles a day. I walk a few steps stop, walk a little more stop. Finally I quit taking it after 15 days, and just ate sweet potatoes 2x a week for 3 months. When I went to my dr, he was impressed. My cholesterol dropped frm 335 to 184. Of... (5 replies)
... I have had nonstop sore muscles and fatigue the entire time I've been on Zocor. My doctor offered me Zetia to try, to see if the side effects are less and we will recheck numbers again in 6 more weeks, depending on what today's blood tests show. ... (7 replies)
... Very typical side effects of statins. Statins are nasty... I would stop them immediatately. Been there... done that! ... (12 replies)
... I had leg muscle aches with statins so my doctor told me to stop the statins, but he put me on Zetia. ... (7 replies)
Dec 30, 2005
... My mom took zetia for three months. Each time she complained to her gp but he told her it was not the zetia. ... (27 replies)
... Lovastatin is the generic for Meva cor. Red Yeast Rice is a natural statin and contains Lovastatin. RYR is available in health food stores and even Wal-mart. 120 - 600mg capsules costs approx. $20. Make sure you take at least 50mg, preferably 100mg of CoQ10 with any statin. My LDL cholesterol was lowered from 162 to 104 in 6 months with 1 - 600mg RYR. Crestor would be... (3 replies)
Feb 7, 2004
... I thought my walking days were over. I stopped the Zetia and very slowly got better. I'm still not completely recovered after 5 months off. ... (5 replies)
... I too was a heavy drinker, until I had a ultra sound done which showed a "mass" on my liver which propmted a CAT SCAN and that showed no cancer of the liver but turned up some ALCOHOL DAMAGE of my liver and was told to stop the booz -- all. Was off the stuff for over nine years and feel great. Botom line -- I drank ALCOHOL FREE beer and never wished it was the genuine... (9 replies)

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