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... My father had exactly the same problem when he was on 40mg Zocor. He described the pain in his leg pretty much the same way, like a real bad cramp. A lot of times it would wake him up in the middle of the night. ... (7 replies)
... I had the very same pain in my right front thigh when on Zocor 10mgs. I had taken the drug for a couple of years before this started in. ... (7 replies)
Stomach pains
Apr 9, 2002
... I am making up my own treatment plan and I just hope that I am doing the right thing. RIght now, I feel just awful and I am nervous about the stomach pains too. I just feel like going back on the zocor and deaing with the leg pains. ... (11 replies)

... I've tried every statin drug except Crestor. All the same results. Very bad muscle and leg pains to the point where I had to stop taking them. ... (10 replies)
... however some have severe muscle aches and loss of strength, especially in the leg muscles. I took lipitor 40 mgs for 2 months and immediately noticed legs pains so reduced to 20 mgs per day for last 4 months. ... (8 replies)
... spinal problems and surgeries. He has managed his pain for nearly 30 years. He has been on Zocor for approximately 4 years. This past June he started having severe leg pains unlike he has ever experienced before. He has been walking with a cain ever since. ... (2 replies)
Jan 18, 2003
... Gee every time I think that maybe I have another option, I hear bad reports and I get so very disgusted. Well, I have tried zetia for two days now, and I have to report that each time that I took it I developed terrible stomach pains and gas. ... (15 replies)
... ainable muscle pains. After a short period of time, I was put on Zocor, which I quit taking about a month ago. I had developed peripheral neuropathy in both feet and both hands shortly after starting statins . NO REASON for the neuropathy was ever found after numerous tests by a neurologist. ... (13 replies)
Niacin and zocor
Jan 17, 2003
... in fact, it is so hard to do that when I am not having the proper explanations regarding all of my numbers. I know that many people just don't ask any questions and just listen to what they are told, but, I just feel this is compromising your health and you must be your own advocate. ... (28 replies)
Apr 10, 2003
... Mandie, one question. You said you went off Zocor, and you had leg pains from it. How long were you on Zocor, and how long before you started feeling side effects? ... (15 replies)
Niacin and zocor
Jan 13, 2003
... Mandie, are you still experiencing leg pains on 5mg Zocor, or were you at one time on a higher dose, and your doctor lowered it down to 5mg? ... (28 replies)
... I've been on Lipitor for 9 years without any noticeable extra joint or muscle pains after the first 10 keep my My LDL cholesterol level is in the 60's. ... (39 replies)
... Well I've only been on it for 4 days now but so far so good. Some of the leg pains I've been having on Zocor seem to be going away which is great! No constipation issues, everything moving fine. And I feel less tired than I have which is really good.... ... (6 replies)
... I did not want to take them either, my Mom died of a heart attack at 57, I tried diet etc. I take 10mg of Zocor and I have no problems, thank God, my dr. ... (58 replies)
... Clover My total was 238 but my other numbers were good. My tri. were 98. My dr. said tht my ratio was good and he was not concerned witht he 238 number. ... (9 replies)
... Clover My total was 238 but my other numbers were good. My tri. were 98. My dr. said tht my ratio was good and he was not concerned witht he 238 number. ... (9 replies)
... This is the flushless form of niacin , there are forms that say they are slow release and or flushless but it must say inositol hexaniconitate on the label and it's supposed to be easy on the liver. ... (9 replies)
... I have been taking all of the statins, and each one gives me leg pains. So now, I asked the doc about zetia and he said that he wants to wait until it is out for a longer time to see about long term affects. ... (9 replies)
... nearly 12 yrs ago! Well over 300 and ratio's and triglyc were also out of whack. Started on Zocor ... ... (7 replies)
... also had my own MI at age 42, I would not hesitate for one second to go on medication if I had your numbers. Your LDL is very high for someone with family risk, and your HDL is very low. There are numerous choices for medication, and many, many people take meds for cholesterol without any problems. ... (7 replies)

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