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... cholesterol. My cardiologist also checks liver enzymes every 6 months. Until recently, everything was OK, but after the last scheduled blood test I was told that my liver enzymes were "mildly elevated". ... (7 replies)
... As I stated, my ALT levels have remained mildly elevated for five years or so. My former dr ordered the ultrasound of my liver last year. ... (7 replies)
... My husband was told to start on Zocor last December by the family doctor. His total cholestrol was 228 while his triglyceries were 105. Other chol numbers were elevated. ... (1 replies)

... The doctor immediately called me and said it had elevated my liver functions and stopped me on Zocor. ... (6 replies)
... ts, and give you a shot before running you thru the machine. It resembles a mri machine. If so, my mom and my grandmother had this test done. Both were having liver enzymes elevations. My mom could not continue the test and she had to be transfered to the ER. I think she became anxious and started having heart palps. ... (7 replies)
... High liver enzymes can be a real problem and signals liver damage. Maybe you can try taking half the dosage, after you check with your doctor. ... (6 replies)
Zocor and rash?
Mar 27, 2001
... I have to take exception to what was said there since the information given with statin drugs is very misleading concerning elevated liver functions. EVERYBODY that takes a statin drug will experience elevated liver function above their own normal baseline. Period. ... (3 replies)
... I don't know exactly what was elevated - they left a message indicating that "LFT's were still mildly elevated" and that an ultrasound had been scheduled. I will ask for specifics when next I speak to the dr. or his nurse. I hardly ever take acetaminophen and haven't had an antibiotic in quite a while - just the Zocor, Toprol XL (mitral valve prolapse and a little atrial... (7 replies)
... I took Zocor 40 mg for many years until this last June when I started feeling really bad due to my muscle aches. ... (6 replies)
... and I am not about to try anything else, if they want me to sign something saying they warned me, fine, just get off my back. I don't remember anything about my liver enzymes being elevated, but the aches, pains and GI problems were enough for me. ... (6 replies)
... It is showing liver damage. ... (7 replies)
... I've been taking CoQ10 for a while now - no muscle problems that I've noticed. I wonder just what exactly would show on the liver ultrasound - how does statin-related damage show up? (7 replies)
... Hi Mike, I think it more likely to be the cause of a lot of alcohol. You are not really supposed to drink a lot when you are taking statins. When I was on statins, Zocor, I kept myself to a couple of glasse of wine each day, ok well maybe three sometimes, and my ast and alt was kept around 15-18 which I think is o.k. Also a friend of mine who indulges a great deal more, when... (8 replies)
... m took lipitor for three or four yrs. For her muscle pain they referred her to rehab. The pain continued until she stopped the lipitor, but by that time she had elevated liver enzymes. ... (6 replies)
... still mildly elevated. My cardiologist ordered a liver ultrasound, and referred me to my gastroenterologist. The ultrasound showed a sightly enlarged, "fatty" liver, but the LFTs had started to come down. ... (3 replies)
... ter stopping the drug this problem totally went away , same thing happened to my brother inlaw who was taking lipitor , he also stopped it and it stopped also . Elevated liver enzymes another common side effect of statins . ... (7 replies)
... The reason i asked the questions about statins is ,last week my blood tests came back and it showed elevated liver enzymes.Ive been having some digestive problems and am currently being tested for them. ... (7 replies)
... with any liver or gall bladder problem the enzymes will be elevated. With serious statin problems they'll be throught the ROOF. ... (7 replies)
Zocor and rash?
Mar 26, 2001
... Last Janurary, I started taking a cholesterol lowering medication. I went for liver enzyme tests regularly and they were slightly elevated, but my doctor was not worried. ... (3 replies)
I am amazed now!
May 11, 2009
... I too felt as though I was taking poison every time I put a statin in my mouth. At first I was on Tricor and was immediately taken off because of some elevated liver level. Now they put me on Zocor and I felt as though I had been in a boxing match and got punched in the mid section. Same with Crestor. ... (5 replies)

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