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Zocor side effects
Sep 24, 2007
... so on my own, I stopped taking the Zocor to see if it would make a difference. ... (10 replies)
... I have been on Zocor for 6 weeks and had my follow up blood work today. I do not want to be on statin drugs however I took the Zocor with the intent of getting my numbers down and then weaning off of it and controlling it with diet and exercise. ... (7 replies)
... the Zocor. I was shocked as I was reading the many many posts in different boards about the muscular problems and long term effects experienced by people taking Zocor and other statin drugs. ... (0 replies)

... I switched to nature plus extended release RYR after 40mg zocor gave me bad muscle pains. To my surprise, even RYR is giving me problem with sleeping and muscle aches. It is not as bad as zocor but I am liking it. ... (4 replies)
... Instances of death, acute heart attack or cardiac arrest requiring resuscitation occurred in 10.4 percent of the Zocor group and 9. ... (0 replies)
... Personally, I'd never take Crestor unless I'd tried fairly high doses of Zocor and Lipitor first. My understanding is that while the side effects of all three are similar, those taking Crestor have the side effects more frequently. ... (6 replies)
... The BACKGROUND though is wonderfully amusing. Pfizer is going NUTS trying to avoid a huge switch to generic simvastatin when Zocor goes generic next year. ... (1 replies)
... Good to see you back, Pcovers :wave: ...we were talking behind your back yesterday:D:D. I tried to read between the lines in the article in the NEW YORK TIMES yesterday. As I reacall, they called the significant side effect "myopathy." Perhaps if they had used MYALGIA as a standard, they'd have come up with lots more complainers. Myopathy, as they used it, might be... (2 replies)
... My husband was told to start on Zocor last December by the family doctor. His total cholestrol was 228 while his triglyceries were 105. Other chol numbers were elevated. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Faye, Here are my numbers before I started taking Zocor: Total Cholesterol: 314 Triglycerides: 409 HDL: 69 LDL: 167 After taking Zocor (8 replies)
... I posted here 2 months ago after initial Cholesterol workup. Doc started me on 40mg Zocor daily and this is my first retest after being on it for 2 months. ... (3 replies)
... I've been on Zocor (20mg) for 6 months and my numbers are where they should be. My original numbers were close to yours. I haven't had any side effects. I'm just wondering if I need to still be on Zocor. Haven't been given a definite answer yet. (4 replies)
Zocor side effects
Sep 25, 2007
... I also switched from Lipitor to Zocor due to insurance. I'm curious if you have found a solution yet to your problem? ... (10 replies)
... If you had problems with Zocor, I wouldn't try is a stronger statin than Zocor, and therefore has a higher rate of side effects. Zocor seemed to cause me to be constipated; seems less of a problem now that I'm on Lipitor. I've been on relatively high doses of Zocor (and subsequently Lipitor) for almost 3 years, with no problems yet. I've always taken it with... (10 replies)
... the nurse said that it probably is not the zocor, as he has been on it for three months, and the pain would have started before this. He still thinks it is the Zocor causing this. Does aybody have any similar stories? ... (9 replies)
... ound, had to look down or hold on when walking, felt like someone was pushing down on my head. I didn't think the symptoms I was experiencing were caused by the Zocor since the only side effects I had read about were muscle pain. I was to the point where I could hardly leave the house. ... (5 replies)
Zocor vs. Lipitor
Oct 29, 2006
... OK doc is not happy with my numbers on zocor 40. I tried zocor 80 but my legs got very weak. ... (1 replies)
Zocor and Tinnitus
Sep 18, 2005
... Hi Heidi, Although tinnitus is not a life threatening condition, your mother does need to tell her doctor of this recent development. Tinnitus can cause trouble sleeping and concentration, which might be very stressful for your mom. Tinnitus could also indicate that something else is going on. Make a list of all your mother's medications and OTC's. My M-I-L had drug... (3 replies)
Zocor Question
Mar 26, 2005
... akes any statin. The neuropathy remains, although he otherwise says he feels better than he did when he was on Zocor. Now, the decision of whether or not to take Zocor is entirely up to you. ... (7 replies)
Ed With Zocor
Oct 29, 2004
... is concerned... GET OFF Zocor and see. BTW..he should be on Vytorin...20mg Zocor combined with Zetia. Better results with LESS Zocor. ... (21 replies)

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