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My Daughter at the age of 22 was eventually diagnosed with ME 7 years ago, and like you she had to give up her job as she felt too tired and had no energy, she put on weight and stayed in bed most of the time, had constant headaches , foggy head, achy body/legs, extreme temperatures from hot - cold, cold icy feet and tired eyes just like symptoms of migraines, achy bruised look underneath her eyes which is a symptom of ME.
All blood tests came back negative, but eventually and with much persistence from myself she was sent to a ME clinic where she ticked all the boxes.
ME seems to affect people who have active and busy lifestyles, my Daughter had a cold which wouldn't go away, which was worrying.

Friends and family unless they have had it DO NOT understand, so you cant just snap out of how you are feeling.

Remedy - I am afraid - there is none, you have to learn how to cope with your symptoms and rest, rest and rest, though resting you are not allowered to do the following:
NO reading, books, magazines ect
NO watching tv,
NO playing computer games, laptops, tablets and mobiles
NO sleeping or dozing
Learn to say NO to friends

This does seem extreme, but it does work.
REST is relaxing, listening to soft, calm therapeutic music for only 20 mins, no longer and NO going to sleep, 4 times a day. Its you need to be patient.

The clinic works and teaches you to do simple tasks, to start, only doing one task a day in between RESTING if you go food shopping and then drive/walk somewhere that's too much...takes time

Take Magnesium (high dose if you can) for achy body and legs it stops symptoms.
Headaches/tired eyes/foggy head/ - Chiropractor this really helped
All other symptoms including depression - a herbalist - brilliant

With doing all these things and changing her diet, eating healthy she has lost weight, is back to size 8 again and is also back at work full-time. ( I am a proud Mum)

She will always suffer with ME but has learnt how to cope everyday, and take it easy if she over does it. She still has one/two 20min rest daily.

I hope this has really helped. Just remember rest, rest but no deep sleeping.

Also, Please get in touch if you would like any other advise. Good luck

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