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Ita been 9months since 1day out of nowhere it was like my body crashed. Pressure ontop of head, vision like slowed down, feeling floaty, and very very tired, feeling shakey ALLDAY! Alsi had a very bad stomach and nausea this has got better since dieted

Since then iv lost 20kgs as doctors said was diabetes and i was fairly over weight 116kgs now mid 90s. sugars were slightly high.. now not diabetic (still feel same)

Strangely it waslike i had to eat every 2hours or would have no energy to even stand.. this had progressively got better and almost back to eating as normal.

Iv been strict on wat i eat now and walking alot and doing everything i can to fix myself.

Ive had ct and mri of head. Allgood.
Ct of body allgood
Heart ultrasound allgood
Colonoscopy and endoscopy allgood

Every blood test all pretty much normal, slightly high uric acid.. and ferritin was slightly high (at start of this ferritin was really high) docs said was nothing...

Been to specialists.. no real explanation.. 1 said probably a post viral infection thats affected my nervous system?? And will take time to get better...

Others said dont knw y...

1 gp suggest anxiety?? Never been a anxious person so im not sure wat to beleive

Im open to any ideas and thoughts.. its been 9months of getting through each day like its a mission..

Head pressure still comes and goes.. im exhausted everyday and heavy eyes allday long and feeling spaced out kinda feeling. I havnt been bak to "normal" for 1 minute since this started. At times late at night i feel ok but thats about it.

Sorry if i havnt explained it very well and spelling mistakes lol

Any feedback be much appreciated and if ive put this in wrong area im new to this stuff as getting desperate for a answer.

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