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Doctors canít find anything wrong and Iíve been sick for 4 months straight

please help.

Iím male, 18 years old, 180cm, 70kg/155lbs

Iíve been experiencing heavy fatigue combined with and a horrible constant dizziness/foggy/flu like feeling for 4 months straight and it feels like itís never going to end, physical activity and stress makes it worse. Iíve been tested for mononucleosis several times all have come back negative.

The fatigue and sick feeling in my head really make life dreadful and I struggle to keep up with school, family and friends. I used to train 6 days a week and was in great shape, however now I spend most of my time resting since being active makes me worse. I struggle to do anything productive since my head feels so awful and weird. The times I have tried to train or do something active I usually feel fine during the activity, however the days after I am struck with horrible fatigue, worsening feeling in head.

I was prescribed antibiotics despite having no sign of infection, and it has only made me worse so far (I still have 3 days left of the treatment).

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask for more information too.

Things I have tested and that have come back normal:

Vitamins, minerals, testosterone, hemoglobin, crp, immune cells. I have also taken CT of my scull with no results, and been to a specialist in ear, throat and nasal infections he also found nothing.

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in February, and a Neurologist in April. However, this feels like an eternity to wait without knowing if they will find anything..

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