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I do not know if I may have Chronic Fatigue or something less or more serious. Since I was a small child (maybe aged 6) I have always been weak at EVERYTHING! I look very fit, tall, slim even athletic build and always have done. However I have never been able to keep up with my peers, even overweight smokers and drinkers. At school I always came last in everything. I like sport and have always wanted to be good at it. Everytime I exercise I start off well (for about a minute) then I find myself completely out of breath, unable to get enough breath in. More recently I have found that my muscles get very tired very quickly but that may just be because I haven't been exercising much in recent years. I used to be a keen skiier (every day - although still needed long rest breaks) but now just twenty minutes skiing and my calf muscles cramp up. I go cycling (on my own as it is too embarassing with others) and I push myself to finish the run by counting to one hundred over and over again to take my mind off the pain. In the early hours of the following morning I get cramps so bad in my legs I can't move, and then my legs are stiff and very painful for days afterwards. I have also in recent years been experiancing air hunger without exercise. However I recently found, by doing an exercise test, that if I do hard exercise then I get air hunger brought on by it which lasts for weeks afterwards - it is almost like I damage something when exercising. When I exercise I feel as if I really am going to die, my eyes stream, my nose streams, all my muscles feel weak, I can't breathe, my chest hurts, my legs feel like I am walking on the moon - light but yet out of control, after about 10 mins of brisk walking my vision starts to go cloudy black clouds appear in my vision. Afterwards my head pulsates and I will be unable to walk or move very far until I get at least a full nights sleep, I will often still feel tired the next day. I also find when going for more than ten minutes walk on rough ground I become very clumsy, tripping etc as I become exhausted. Apart from the exercise intolerence I also sometimes have bad stomach pains, which can occassionally feel like a stitch (this is when at rest) and even get sharp pains in my shoulder. I am often cold (feet and lower legs), I fall asleep most afternoons am unable to stop my eyes from closing and need more rest than most, I find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, I have morning headaches and I get hiccups alot which can last for up to 30 mins and be very tiring. I have several swollen but not painful nodes in my neck. I never remember things and seem to spend my entire life making endless lists so I don't forget things. I can't read a book a chapter a night because by the third night I will have forgotten the first chapter. I eat little and often which amounts to alot at the end of the day! I cough/ vomit mucus every morning. I do not think this is the core problem though as my sinus's were fine before injury and my fitness/ memory wasn't. I could only do science and maths subjects through school as I coud find the answers in the paper through logic, memorizing things was impossible.

My medical history:
Diagnosed with asthma by family doctor when I was eight - inhalers never worked asthma clinic tested me and claimed it wasn't asthma.
Suffered a facial injury at 12
Suffered from continual colds, flu's and sinus/ throat infections from 14-20
Had a node removed from neck at 17 it was clear
Had sinus op at 19 cleared a sinus blockage and have not had any serious problems with infections again

I have been tested for heart conditions, Glandula Fever, Thyroid, Diabetes and Anemia several times. I do not have asthma, my peak flow is above average from someone my age and height/ weight. My stamina is very good, in a gym fitness test they were surprised that I could hold out for such a long time on a treadmill despite my heart rate being so high.

I am slightly dysphrasic (bad co-ordination)

My age is 23 and I am female.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with me, I cannot lead a normal life with this, I'm an outdoors person, but yet I can't walk the dog, run for the bus, walk up the stairs or do anything without feeling absolutely exhausted and severly out of breath - why do I look so fit but feel so bad?!!! I have spent my entire life being told I am lazy both physically and acedemicaly but yet I have always wanted to be fit and always wanted to achieve.

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