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Just thought I would share that there is a chemical called 2*butoxyethanol (& a complex version called Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether) in many products people use, and in such jobs as painters have and those in plastics, dry cleaning and oil remediating. When people get too much exposure to it, it causes all the symptoms of 'gulf war syndrome' During wartime, I believe our troops are exposed to too much of it in degreasers * cleaners * remediation stuff. I have heard of 2 soldiers from the 501st in Afghanistan now being medically discharged for sever neurological symptoms... as though their bodies are 'falling apart.'

I'm hoping someday the Legislature will ban these. People just do not understand the harm they cause. So, look it up and avoid using products too strong with it. Or if you do, use goggles and chemical retardant gloves... even when washing your bathtub! Since it is cumulative, you may not notice it, 'burning eyes' would be one symptom; and the very next day such extreme exhaustion like you have never felt before. It is supposed to be red blood cell damage: hemolytic anemia; but seems like the guys are 'borderline normal' Check the reticulocyte rate (ratio of mature to immature red blood cells) and ask the lab technician to LOOK at the red blood cells under a microscope and COMMENT. (Are they ragged and beat up? Is your body attacking your own red blood cells?) There is concern for liver and kidneys; seems to be endocrine disruption; Central Nervous System depression, short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating, suicidal tendencies. It is bad, bad stuff.

Moderator has said OK to sharing these websites with basic info about it [url][/url]
This NJ Hazard Sheet is very helpful;

and so is the MSDS (material safety data sheet) where there is a strong caution not to mist (vapors in eyes is the primary route of exposure) after that, getting it on your skin, breathing it, etc. [url][/url] There can be concern for eye damage, too

Per this EPA, CA Janitorial study, [url][/url] Glycol alkyl ethers are commonly used as solvents. 2*Butoxy Ethanol is one of the most toxic of the glycol ethers. You should use products containing butoxyethanol with extreme care * avoid if possible. It is a poison that can easily absorb through your skin to harm you. When working with it, always wear gloves and goggles and be sure the you have enough ventilation.

An industry product developer states that 5% is too strong for home use. In a general search on the internet, put the product you want to know about and then MSDS. That should bring up the info you're looking for.

I've noticed that sometimes blood work is only checked for a couple of things; have them check everything that they can in your blood: get the Complete Blood Counts, see what the glucose (blood sugar) is, too. With this chemical, it can cause high blood pressure and diabetes (when otherwise you wouldn't be diabetic) ... part of the endocrine disruption, most likely. Do you have horrible headaches in the back of your head?

A recent research summary states an abnormal blood picture will be found, showing Erythropenia, Reticulocytosis, Granulocytosis, Leukocytosis, fragility of Erythrocytes, Likely to Cause Hematuria. (I'm quoting from the below report.)

For really up to date information, ask you doctor to see this Sigma*Aldrich Company Ltd web site. Product name: 2*butoxyethanol, Product number 579556. When you see what is known about this chemical and then you see how 'little' the USA seems to know, it makes you sad. [url][/url]

Now, remember medical doctors, unless they are also toxicologists, don't study chemicals or their effects. However, the good news is, that if you have a doctor open to consulting with chemical experts, they can get up to speed quite quickly. They can order the same specialty test that the experts would order. To find out if there are chemicals residual in your system. There are even doctors who train medical doctors in such: what lab to use; what tests to order; and when the results come back, what to do.

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