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Try eating boiled ground flax seed. I cook it with rolled oats, but you could cook it in anything. i overcame exercise intolerance and chronic fatigue[i spent twenty hours a day in bed] by totalling changing my diet. Now, I eat real healthy and take a vitmain/mineral supplement. I eat oats, ground flax seed, brown rice, spinach, raw carrots, whole wheat bread, one percent milk, low fat or nonfat yogurt, lean meats and lots of fruits and assorted vegetables. This week I feel like I am cured. Since i started cooking the ground flax seed with the oats my mental and physical energy has risen nicely. I'm basically active from about 745am to 1230am. I turn off the tv after David Letterman. Last week I rode the exercise bike five times for forty five minutes. This is up from doing no exercise at all. Of course, I didn't start out this way. I started with a two mile walk about ten weeks ago and built my way up. I'm really high on oats and now the cooked ground flax seed. I ate raw flax seed ground for awhile and I didn't notice any big changes. When I started cooking it I did. Now, when I exercise the sweat evaporates more quickly and my hair dries out well. In the past when I exercised my hair would be wet for hours. i would take a shower but my hair would not dry for a long time even if I blow dried it. It would dry but then I would start sweating again. Excessive sweating is a sign of weakness in your systems.
I think eating a high fiber diet is extremely important.
The diet the doctor reccommended seems kind of far out to me. Whatever diet you choose make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need plus essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. I was a vegetarian for awhile and i kept getting sick. I wasn't doing it right, i don't think. I havent been sick since I started eating meat again. Lean meats are the key. Good luck.

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