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Well it has been awhile and I tried to wait another couple of months and see if I was just "deppressed". Well I do not know what to do or whom to see without health insurance. Here are a list of what is going on with me any advice or friendship would be nice.
I have had all these symptoms on and off for about 2 years now
Muscle fatigue...To the point I cannot even walk acrossed my Apt. without my legs cramping.

Sore throat...NOT persistant but there.

Swollen glands especially on the side of my has been there for almost 2 years it is hard not rubbery. When I went to see the doctor for it he diagnosed me with Lympheditis could anyone explain this to me is this MONO? And should I being doing something about this lump...what could it be.

I also have joint ached as well especially in my hands and knees

I have night sweats nearly every night

I have a very small appetite now and I get sick to my stomach if I eat to much.

I have diarrhea for days on end and then it just stops.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am going to try and go to the doctor tommorrow I just need some friendly advice!


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