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I'm sorry if this question has already been asked. Since we all have our own, unique health situations, I decided to make a separate post.

I'm 23 years old and for the past 4-5 years I'm always tired. I started my first diet 8 yrs. ago, which slowly led me to anorexia. After about a year, I developed binge eating, gained a lot of weight back and felt exhausted. At that time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been on medication ever since, which seems to be working so far. After that, I have lost and gained weight many times (more gained than lost), but I have never quite regained my energy. Now, regardless of how much I eat, exercise, or sleep, I am constantly tired.

I recently added fish to my diet (quite a bit of it) and cut out white sugar. Even though I overeat most of the days (I am *always* hungry), I'm doing my best to keep it healthy. After spending an hour on my exercise bike every day and getting very sore back muscles, I began to use it less frequently but the tiredness remained. I've also been drinking 5-7 glasses of water per day. As for sleep, even when I manage to fall asleep fairly quickly, I have great difficulties waking up after only 8 hours. In fact, sometimes I think that, if I didn't have to get up to go to the washroom, I could just sleep right through the day. I also can't stop yawning. I yawn *all* the time.

(For example, the other night, I fell asleep around mid-night, got up at 10:30 a.m, fell asleep around 4 in the afternoon and woke up at 6:30! I'm lucky I don't have school this week. This is really beginning to interfere with my daily activities.)

I've also been tested for hypoglycemia since I often have a lot of symptoms associated with it, but the results came negative. Can anyone suggest what other tests I may have done? I started drinking Aloe Vera gel every morning a few days ago, hoping that it will help at least a little.:) Any other ideas? I would really appreciate your input. Thanks!

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