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I have had the same symptoms for the last 6 months. My symptoms developed right after the flu in November. I have been tested for everything and have found nothing. I finally had a cortisol test done and found my cortisol to be way off. Right now, I am taking low dosages of hyrocortisone and a ton of vitamin supplements. Some of the fatigue has left along with the muscle cramps, but I am still not my self. I thought that I might have Addidion's disease, but I still cannot function at 100% because of the light headed feeling. Well, I hope this helps. CFS is not just an adrenal problem. The central nervous system is damaged in people with CFS. The lower brain stem (which includes the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Adrenal glands) have been severly damaged from either viral or enviromental factors. The headaches that you have are possibley caused from low blood sugar (a common factor in CFS). The neck pains that you have are possible caused from low cortisol (lack of which causes muscle weakness in the neck and body. Those nightmares are caused by low blood sugar. Try eating something around 10:00 and see if they go away. The HPA is so important in managing all of the emotions, feelings, and hormones that any slight damage to either one of these will throw the body off into turmoil. What I do to combat CFS.
1. Licorice Root - stops the break down of cortisol. Once in the morning and afternoon.
2. Vitamin C - 3000 mg a day.
3. Vitamin B5 - 1500 mg a day
4. Ginseng - 2x day
5. Eating 6x a day. 8 9 11 2 5 10
6. Multivitamin
7. DHEA - 200 mg - low in patiens with CFS -
8. 50 mg of pregnenolone - hormone which the adrenal uses to make other hormones
9. HPA extracts that you can get from most health stores
10. 20 mg of hydrocortisone - by prescription only.

Finding a doctor that under CFS has been a real nightmare. Well, I hope that this helps. This is a living hell and I do not wish it on anyone. Good luck.

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