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Re: To JonathanP
Jul 20, 2004
Did you notice any watering of your eyes or were they burning and hurting? Goggles should be a part of everyone's 'protective equipment' How old are you? Have you had your children yet?

Since I learned about second hand solvent exposure and that a doctor who regularly examined the gulf war vets came down with the 'gulf war syndrome' health issues, too, ... the thought occured to me that dentists would be at high risk for getting the solvent exposure such as 2-butoxyethanol as patients expel the chemical through their breath.


vice versa

It could be that your dentist has been exposed to this chemical from his patients and then passed it on to you. From the study I have done on
2-butoxyethanol (ethylene glycol monobutyl ether) the fatigue can be found by doing an add on blood test. Of course the doctors don't usually because the other tests are looking OK.

However, the retic ratio should be a part of all routine blood tests for those with this fatigue and other symptoms such as suicidal tendencies and depression such as you have shared on.

When you have too many immature red blood cells many other tests are altered, such as the white blood count (has to be done manually) and the liver tests, etc. Ask to know the size and shape of the red blood cells.

Check yahoo for hemolytic anemia. This will be compensated hemolytic anemia as the bone marrow compensates by making more red blood cells when the red blood cells are prematurely destroyed (by the immune system most likely). These however are low functioning red blood cells - and don't store and help you utilize the iron or oxygen that you need - thus the fatigue.

I think this must be the fatigue of CFS and CFIDS and gulf war syndrome. Actually I believe this chemical IS the causes of these. Many medical studies give credit to the secondary harm it causes. Have you ever heard of a diagnosis of kidney failure or liver cancer or prostate cancer or diabetes SECONDARY to 2-butoxyethanol poisoning? Well, there should be such, because more probably than not, this is the root cause of many, many other ailments.

You will want to get this information to your Health Dept.

I suggested to a researcher on prostate cancer at one of the Universities that he separate out those who had too many immature red blood cells in the study. I would also like to know whether this is the case in a percentage of those with too high blood sugar. This chemical upsets the glandular system. Doctors seem to think that diabetes is what is harming the kidneys eventually. Maybe so. Maybe not. Maybe it is 2-butoxyethanol that causes the high blood sugar and it is not 'normal' diabetes in the first place.

Maybe if they knew what was going on they could focus on a cure or at least prevent more exposures for people. Do a search. This chemical is in lots of products and usually not disclosed. Lysol tub 'n Tile is honest. Their product contains 2-2-butoxyethanol and has its own registered pesticide number with EPA. Some paint companies are starting to disclose half truths ... going from no disclosure to at least adding that their paint contains ethylene glycol. When I wrote and asked Fuller O'Brien which ethylene glycol ... they wouldn't say. I suspect ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. Dow Chemical is the WORST. Their Simple Green calls 2-butoxyethanol by their own trademark: butyl cellusolve and they even say non toxic and biodegradable. It must be a play on words because of some tests with the dilluted product. All the bottles I've seen say CONCENTRATED. (This chemical by the way is NOT supposed to get in the water supply or streams,etc.) One of these days 2-3 workers or citizens will stand together and win a lawsuit on negligent failure to warn.

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