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Re: Really Tired
Jun 21, 2004
[QUOTE=Gtpchic31]For the past month or so i have been so tired and run down. I have been battling with upper gi issues for over a year and about a month ago i started getting this light headed thing going on. The doc keeps telling me its my ear drums bulging from the fluid in my head. I have been on 2 doses of heavy antibiotic. I get enough sleep and i eat pretty good because of my tummy issues. Im only 22 and am at a lose at what the heck is wrong with me. Im so sick of being at the doctors and they dont seem to take me seriously anyways. I just dont feel right.[/QUOTE]

Antibiotics can wreak havoc in the GI area. You have to take acidopholous for at least 9 months after you complete the antibiotic treatment in order to restore the flora in your gut that the antibiotics have removed. Acidopholous is inexpensive.

That said, your symptoms could be attributed to CFIDS - chronic fatigue syndrome. This is not just about being tired but is an immune disorder that greatly effects all bodily systems. Visit the CFIDS Foundaiton homepage (by doing a search on google) to see if your symptoms fit their definition for an offical diagnosis. It is frustrating not to know what you have so I would do research first to try to determine that. Hypothyroidism may also be part of the picture but Hypo and CFIDS sometimes go hand in hand, although not always.

All the best

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