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[QUOTE=ScoobyDoo]I wonder if it really does work like it says. YOu can get a free sample on their website. I wonder if its safe. I really need to do something about this crap. My whole life is suffering, my kids, my housework. I cant get my house clean like i used to. Im just too damn tired, doesnt matter if i get 6 hrs sleep or 12. Im still soooooo tired. I cant take it anymore.

Has anyone tried this Altovis?

Any feedback would be greatly appriciated. Thanks[/QUOTE]
Hi! If u really want "energy," u have to talk to your dr. about Provigil, I dont' have nacrolepsy(?) (which its used mainly for), but I too was always so, so tired and talk about cleaning the house, doing laundry, I couldn't even try I was so tired, now, oh my, I can't sit still! I have so much energy, I love it! It is costly if your insurance won't cover it, about $8 a pill, I just paid $122 for a 2 wk supply but it is soooooo...worth it! Good luck! God Bless.

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