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Thanks for the info. I think I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. When I was around 16, I got a bad case of mono that recurred 3 times within a year. Then after that things started happening, first I developed irritable bowel. Then came the fatigue, I could sleep all day everyday and various pains throughout my body. I just always felt run down, no energy. Then last may, my neck tightness that was off & on occasionally became constant everyday. It runs around my jaw & ears too. I had come to accept it the fatigue & body aches, but the neck tightness was killing me. Then I became pregnant last summer (1st child) & had high blood pressure during pregnancy, which has since persisted. Anyway, I delivered 1 month early in Feb this year after being on bed rest for 1 1/2 months. Since the delivery everything has been worse. I have bad aches & strange pains all over. Pains in my flanks, headaches, neck tightness, left side rib pain that goes thru to my back (severe). Every day something or somethings hurt. I've had numerous tests which have shown nothing but a spleen at the upper limits of normal, which the docs said was no big deal. I feel as though I have swollen lymph nodes, like when I have my arms at my side, it feels swollen, just uncomfortable. I always feel so run down and in pain. The other thing that started after the baby is that I have muscle twitches all over my body (legs, hands, etc.) and my scalp is sensitive to the touch. I have a burning feeling on my skin alot. Also, for several years I get this feeling in my head like I'm running a fever but I'm not. Right after the mono infection in my teens though, I had low grade fever for a long time. What specifically do you do to help your pain and energy. I'm 29 now and after many tests since my pregnancy, a rheumatologist told me I have fibromyalgia. I believe I have fibro & chronic fatigue (I kinda think they are related closely and intertwined). I'm on trazadone to help me sleep deeper I guess and Neurontin for what they think is nerve pain, although it hasn't helped and also Xanax to help with the twitches and anxiety. I do admit I'm having major anxiety over this, thinking it is something life-threatening. It just seems as though the pregnancy has really flared my illness up. I have had ANA levels checked for things like Lupus and they have been normal. Does anyone else have this many symptoms and do you feel that it really is chronic fatigue/fibro or are you scared it's something else? What meds and treatments help? Thanks to anyone who replies.
Thanks everyone for the replies! Karen, what vitamins do you take and what is green tea? I think you said you have high bp. I was beginning to wonder about myself, cuz I thought I read a lot of people with chronic fatigue or fibro have low blood pressure. My has been high since I had my baby. I had to go on bed rest 1 1/2 month because of it & delivered 1 month early because of it. How do we know it's really chronic fatigue or fibro and not something more serious the docs are missing. I must admit I thought I had chronic fatigue since I had mono 3 times within a year when I was 15, now I'm 29, but after getting IBS & fatigue I read about chronic fatigue & figured I had it. I've been diagnosed with fibro just 2 months ago, since I've been having so many pains & problems since the delivery of my baby. I think fibro & chroinc fatigue are closely related. Anyway, I guess the pregnancy really flared me. Does anyone have muscle twitches/jerks or rib pain or pain in flank & mid/lower back. They have checked my kidneys & say they are fine but I really have to wonder with this flank pain on both sides. Rib pain on left side that goes thru to my back (where the pain is the worst). They say it's costochondritis but I would think it would heal by now. My sed rate was 21 in June & now is 30, don't know why. I wonder if my acid reflux inflammation could cause that to go up. They checked ANA & C reactive protein & said was normal so no lupus. The tightness in my neck I hate it. It is in front & runs to my jaw & ears and I also get a pain in the back of my neck just below my skull. Don't know what that's from. I have been to so many doctors & the only thing they've found is the sed rate of 30 and my spleen is at the upper limits of normal, but they don't seem to be concerned. Otherwise, blood tests and CT scans, MRIs have been normal. Had my spleen rechecked by sonogram since the CT in June showed it at the upper limits of normal and I was concerned. They said it was normal, although they didn't tell me if it was still at the upper limits, probably cuz they figured I'd panic. I'm just so afraid that I have cancer like leukemia or lymphoma. I guess they would have found it by now, though as many tests as I've had done. I have never felt so terrible. Does anyone else have muscle twitches/jerks, pain in flank or rib cage or pain in lymph nodes that feels like swelling? I have various aches & pains all over my body everyday. Sometimes it's like the migrate from one place to another. Thanks everyone for your replies. Oh, & I could sleep all day everyday if I didn't have to go to work. Somehow I make it, but feel so terrible every day. I want to feel better, I have a new baby (7 mos). I'm only 29 & have been feeling bad for way to long.

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