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About a year ago, I came down with extreme flu like symptoms that never seemed completely clear up. I want to share with some of you my current symptoms as they occur throughout the day in the hopes that someone knows what might be wrong with me and how I can help myself.

Basically, these are the symptoms I always have:
1. Always feeling stressed out and nervous -- as if doing the smallest tasks seem so impossibly hard.
2. Always mind racing with negative thoughts -- almost never feel up to doing anything constructive.
3. Constant sick feeling -- like i'm always recovering from the flu but can never make it.
4. Panic attacks in unusual situations -- when i go somewhere or do something not normally stressful, i panic before i get there and then feel like i'm gonna faint when i do get there (barber shop, church, family parties)
5. I barely have the strength to workout but when I do i have to be really careful not to push too far or I either feel wiped out for a couple of days (symptoms intensify) and/or i have a panic attack the next day at around 7pm and then all of a sudden soresness sets in really badly.
6. Tried to manage what appear to be pyschological symptoms with medicine (zoloft, fish oil, phosphatidyl serine, SamE), but for some reason after taking 1 and only 1 pill, i have extreme reactions for the first couple of days (dizziness, panic attacks, nausea, headaches). Then, and this is important, i feel much better than usual for a 3-4 day period (much more relaxed, focused, less stessed out, workouts don't make me sick anymore, and just feel better). Shortly after it wears off and actually get withdrawal symptoms for a couple days and then i'm back to square one. 1 pill will affect me in some way for up to 1 week!

Has anyone experienced anything like this, espcially numbers 5 and 6 on my list? I feel as if i could tolerate medicines, a lot of my problems might disappear. Why can't i take these medications? What has happened to my body that i can't even lift weights without having a panic attack? This whole thing has messed my life up so that i can't even work anymore -- can't take the stress! Someone have any insights? Please help and God bless all your good intentions.

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