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[QUOTE=kiya]I never said CFS isn't a legitimate illness, I just believe that the symptoms are [I]so[/I] similar to many other illnesses, that often doctors will label people as having CFS when they've run out of ideas.

I've just read the symptoms on the CFIDS website and yes, I have many of those symptoms (at least 8). What I don't have is the "flares" as you call them. I have a continual tiredness that is neverending, is not improved or made worse by exercise, but which is debilitating. I've been diagnosed with CFS and yet I don't feel that it is an adequate explanation of what's going on with my body. It is used as a "catch-all", at least here in the UK. The doctor was like: "oh your test results are normal, so you have CFS". That's just so dismissive and unhelpful. Not to mention extremely upsetting.[/QUOTE]

Are you checking further into what you might have? Exercise intolerance is one of the major symptoms of CFIDS.

Regarding "flares". If you are in the beginning of the illness - the first few years- you might not have "flares" but rather non-stop symptoms. After the inital stages of the illlness "flares" are common. This means that the virus or whatever it is, (many think it a virus similar to that which causes MS, AIDS, etc. An interesting book to read is called The Virus Within) will settle down so that functioning improves. For me, only slightly in the beginning but more so throughout the years, up to 75, 80% of normal functioning. This can last anywhere from a few days to months. Then if anything takes place that particularly compromises the system of those with CFIDS, such as too much exercise, stressful situations, contact with perfume, paint and other environmental chemicals, certain foods, alcohol, etc. . . . . the system (virus) then flares up again. "Flares" always involve profound fatigue and feeling ill, fluey, but because the immune system is so depleted, any organ system(s) can be (and usually are) affected as well, such as gastrointestinal, visual, central nervous system, epidermal, etc.

I wish you all the best in coming to terms with what you have. I think that unknowingness the[FONT=Arial Black] most [/FONT]frustrating thing to deal with.

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