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I have had Mono symptoms for nearly a year now, but I was only diagnosed as having mono about 3 1/2 months ago (I woke up in the night so freezing cold I could barely move and my glands were so swollen I could hardly swallow) I am still to this day sooo tired and exhausted and I am not getting any better. I am wondering if I have chronic fatigue now. I have also suffered from an eating disorder for many year and I know this can not be helping my energy. However I have always been able to function fairly well despite my eating disorder but since the mono I am literally dead on my feet, so tired I can hardly handle going to the grocery store. I am a full time student and I need to get healthy. I spoke to a fellow student and she said that she has had mono for two and a half years! (I did not know that was even possible) Any advice would help!
i would ask your dr to check and see what your ebv levels are ebv (ebstein barr virus) is what causes mono and also cfs. if your levels are high, this could be why it is taking so long to recover.
I'm no expert, but mono - or glandular fever as it's called in the UK - doesn't usually last years. It may be that having mono for so long has now induced a type of chronic fatigue.

I had mono for around 9 months a few years ago and it did take a while to recover. In March of this year, I had an onset of similar symptoms but it's not mono now and after exhaustive blood tests have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

Have you had blood tests for everything? It's just that coldness and swollen glands can be caused by hypothyroidism. It's worth having all the tests and ruling everything out; which is what has to be done before a CFS diagnosis can be made.

Hope everything gets better for you. :)
hi while i was in college i had mono for 14 months glands stayed swollen the entire time. I got really exhausted from a trip one day and woke up being deathly sick. I recovered a week later and the mono was finally gone... I guess it stayed dormant after my initial diagnosis
Hello, I also had mono. I got it in March of 2003, I was off of work from April to June. I tried returning to work in June, I managed to last tilll October of 2003. That was about all I could do was last. Couldn`t make it to work every day, all it seemed like I was doing was working and sleeping. If it came to a choice of eating or sleeping, I slept. I lost 35 pounds. Nausea, headaches, muscle aches, stomache bloating, and other problems. Doctors now say that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I still sleep way to much, more than 16 hours a day, when I get up I am still tired. You might look into it and see if that is what you have. I have found no reliable info on a treatment or cure. I don`t know what else I can say to help, good luck!
My daughter had momo a few years back. Seemed like it took forever. Nothing takes the place of lots of rest and proper nutrition. You may need to take a semester off or at least part time. Unfortunately I know of no shortcuts.

So are you all saying that you got CFS from mono? And you sure your mono has gone away? How do they know? Do they do a test? Do you get brainfog and balance problems as well as fatigue?

Basically no one has a clue what [I]exactly[/I] causes CFS, doctors can only guess and there are various theories out there that all say something slightly different. However I have read numerous articles about the risk of developing CFS from glandular fever. So who knows?! There is a test for glandular fever (mono) but it doesn't always pick it up - or so my doctor told me a number of years ago.

I have brain fog and balance problems, along with cold hands/feet, muscle weakness, fatigue, poor concentration, memory loss... apparently that = CFS and nothing else. Although I don't think it's as clear cut as that.
woozyguy don`t know if I got it from mono, but it folllowed it very shortly. Soon as I tried returning to work I started having problems. Now I have balance problems and trouble walking, basically I walk like a drunk. I have to write things down and put them in plain site to remember them. Sometimes that doesn`t work,LOL I couldn`t remember my password and didn`t remember where I wrote it down at.LOL

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