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[QUOTE=DominicB]Dear All,

I hope that you all feel ok today. I have been living with an unknown cause of fatigue now for about 8-years which doctors have been unable to diagnose, and often disbelieve actually exists. I know that it does as I am an experienced exercise instructor and have been unable to work in this industry as a class teacher for this period of time.

My symtoms occur after a days rest proceeding exercise of more than a very light intensity and my muscles feel heavy, tired and overly fatigued for several weeks (and very tender to touch, trigger points I believe). But this is only in my legs and my upper body is fine! I also have an incredible thirst for about 3-5 days.

I do not over exercise, have no known psychological disorder (normal blood glucose and creatinine levels), have no neurological disorder (invasive EMG confirmed), and have had a postural analysis which highlighted only a minor postural malalignment which have been recitified by combined exercise and deep muscle tissue massage/stretching. I eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids (I do not have worms).

I am personally most concerned with the decrease in my cardio-vasular fitness (and quality of life being a fitness professional) and loss of bone mineral density, both due to inactivity, and my low body weight (>180cm and less than 70 KG).

I think that this briefly covers everything and would like to hear fromanybody who has any ideas about what is wrong with me. And thank you for reading my thread.

Best wishes,


visit the CFIDS Foundation home page for a list of qualifying symptoms for CFIDS. Exercise intolerance is a major symptom. I don't know if you have been losing weight or are just thin (couldn't tell from your post). Weight[I] loss[/I] is usually not a sign of CFIDS, but weight gain is. Because of the profound fatigue, eating often makes one feel a bit better as it provides a source of fuel/energy for a body that is running on empty much of the time.

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