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[QUOTE=peregrine]something like 90% of the population has had epstein barr and will test positive for it. I was told this not an accurate indicator[/QUOTE]

I heard the opposite was true - that you could have epstein barr virus and will not always test positive for it. I've had glandular fever in the past but almost always test negative for the virus. I also heard it wasn't an accurate indicator too.

After reading all the posts, I find it truly amazing that my doctor could have been so quick to diagnose me with CFS. Now any time I go to see her with symptoms of glandular pain, brain fog, cold hands/feet etc., she just says 'CFS' without even examining me. :rolleyes: I even had another doctor say it was 'fever' causing my cold hands and feet. ***?!?!?! I don't have any digestive problems, and yet she's chosen to refer me to a gastroenterologist!!!! I have to laugh about this otherwise I'd probably cry.

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