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HI Martin,
I am fairly new to this board, but I am interested in your topic. I just started seeing a doctor at the Fibro and Fatigue Clinic, and he is the first one to put me on Valtrex, which is for these viruses that lie dormant and crop up years later, causing symptoms that seemingly have no related illness. It has been a month, and I am starting to see improvement. This is my third 'good day' in a row and I think my last run of three or more was last summer. I was diagnosed 18+ months ago with Epstien-Barr, but treatment was limited to fighting the symptoms only until I found the Fatigue Clinic.
I do have a thyroid condition and was diagnosed with it over 6 years ago. My Synthroid (levo-thyroxine) has been adjusted several times, but I still tend to test in the low-normal range.

I am also on several types of supplements, but the doc says he will be taking me off the synthroid and replacing it with a "bio-identical" thryroid medication.
the synthroid just doesn't work for all people with this condition.

I can't say for sure what has caused me to be on my feet for a few days, and I'm not relying too heavily on my 'better-ness' since I've had a runs of good days in the past only to come crashing back down. I am hoping and praying for some permanent changes though, and I go back to the Fatigue Center next week for follow-up. It is a 4-hour drive, so I can only go once a month.

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