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[QUOTE=Bothrops]Hey Invisible, on friday I got a referral to a rhumatologist From my GP. The note says I have chronic fatigue syndrome, a extensive workup has been done unsure of dx needed. So on 2/21 I will see a rhumatologist, and like every other doc I have seen I am unsure of what to ask him. Do rhumatolagist go beond arhtritis? I have so many problems I dont know who to see. I really think I should see an eye doc, my vision has been shot since this started. I know my vision is not the culprit.

I do have some copies of blood test. My GP is the only one who will offer them to me.

What can I expect from the rhumatologist visit. Is he just going to pay attention to my aching leg joints and muscle pain or will he look at the whole picture? I dont know about you all but for me the docs have not been to helpfull yet.[/QUOTE]


Rheumatologists treat certain autoimmune diseases too. The doctor checked my joints for pain and I denied having any pain at all. I was referred to him because of a positive ANA blood test and he ran more specific blood tests and they came back negative for lupus, but he ran another test which came back positive for anticardiolipin antibodies which is often elevated in lupus. And, when I tried to donate blood 3 times 4 years ago I kept getting a "false positive" syphilis result and therefore my blood was rejected. I don't have syphilis.....some people who have anticardiolipin antibodies will get that result. Anyway, based on those blood tests....he is treating me for "possible" connective tissue disease and anticardiolipin syndrome. I am also being treated for hypothyroidism just based on a borderline thyroid blood test....but the rheumy doesn't treat GP does.

So, in my situation, the doctor looked at the whole picture. I was really fortunate that he didn't ignore my symptoms and send me back to my GP, but he is willing to treat me.

Hopefully, the rheumatologist will order more extensive blood work on you since you had the positive ANA. I don't see how the doctor can just ignore your symptoms and not be very helpfull when you have symptoms like you described. I would ask him about the possibility of you having an autoimmune disease...they can take years to diagnose. I just know that if you get treated with the right drugs that you can get better because I have gone through what you describe and nothing got me better until I started taking medication.

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