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Re: Whats going on?
Feb 16, 2005
From reading some of your descriptions of your illness, i have to say that my illness started and exists almost in the exact same way! About a year and half ago, I had a really bad faint spell at work one night...never felt anything like it in my life. At the time, I just figured it was the flu, I went home and suffered through it for about 10 days. One of the remarkable things I noted was that all the dizziness, faintness, weakness, and nausea and vomitting slowly but surely lifted in the next coming weeks. My anxiety remained behind though, but not as bad as it was during that period. I was really into weighlifting at the time so as soon as I thought I could handle it again, I started again. Little did I know that this was pretty much the end of me--after that workout session, I suffered a major relapse but this time, the symptoms never cleared. I continued working as long as I could but eventually had to stop...the anxiety, panic attacks, negative thoughts, faint spells, flu symptoms, terrible sleep, exercise intolerance, post-exertional malaise, brain fog, and poor memory has never left me since. There were times where I felt better...last spring and early summer...but it didn't last.

Early on in the course of my illness, I was diagnosed as having Lyme Disease...ok, I thought, a few weeks of antibiotics and I'll be fine, right? Wrong! They immediately started me on IV Rocephin for six did virtually nothing for me. I took Doxycycline after this for another six weeks...felt terrible the whole time I was on it....after stopping, I started feeling better and better...not great but better...It was also getting warmer at the time too...hmmmm...I'll tell you about my theory on that later. I relapsed after attempting allergy shots. I was diagnosed with really bad allergies but the shots must have caused havoc to my immune system because they caused a MAJOR flare that I never recovered from totally. Bad news...don't even think about trying them. I was eventually diagnosed with having Post Lyme Disease or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after major depression was ruled out. They decided to not try or continue antibiotics again because it wouldn't help.

Now, like I was describing before, I'm sure more than one of you has noticed that you feel much better in the warmer weather. I believe this has to do with the sunlight exposure. I've theorized that in the winter months, our body is producing excessive amounts of melatonin which is driving our serotonin levels really low causing increases in depression, anxiety, and other symptoms such as cold intolerance and oversleeping. I've done some research into Seasonal Affective Disorder and I believe that it may have a lot to do with it. The current treatment is Light therapy and/or antidepressant. I don't know about any of you, but I am extremely intolerant to antidepressants---they make me so sick and panicked even at a fraction of the total dose...completely unbearable. I'm going to try Light Therapy soon, hopefully it will help me...who knows...

Anyway, I'm really curious about also trying thyroid replacement therapy (even though my blood work looked normal) or trying Provigil (a mild stimulant). I've heard people are having success with them...Anyone tried these?

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