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I have been trying to come to a conclusion of pains/illnesses that I have been suffering since late September 2004. It started with uncomfortable mild chest pain that sent me to the ER (to be on the safe side). I wasn't too concerned about my heart as I'm a 29 year old male, 6'1", about 200 lbs. who generally eats healty and tries to stay fairly fit, even though I have a desk job. Convincing tests showed that my heart is healthy. Comforting to know, but why the pain? The chest pain (more on the left side of my rib cage) comes and goes, and I also experience pain in my back (moves around from episode to episode). All the pain feels muscular to me. To keep this reasonable, let me list all the symptoms I have been experiencing the last several months:

- Chest/Flank/Back pain (feeling muscular in nature)
- Light headedness (~ 3-4 times per week)
- Occasional headaches
- Ringing ears (constant with varying degrees of intensity)
- ENT says this is probably due to nasal polyps (light headedness too)
- Occasional Flu-like feelings (shivers, fever-like feeling (no temp), achy)
- Occasional Nausea
- Sickness 3-24 hours after exercise (quite repeatable)
- Occasional Fatigue

I've done a good amount of reading on CFS/Fibro and realize that I am in favorable shape compared to many folks suffering from these syndromes, but my quality of life has definately declined and it's been/is scary. I am able to go to work every day and get through it, but more often than not, I'm spent by the time I get home.

The scariest and most repeatable symptom is getting sick after exercise. A 10 minute steady jog on the treadmill after work can lay me out for a couple of days. Therefore, I don't try that very often anymore. Only every so often on weekends and knowing my wife will be around. I feel fine during the exercise, but anywhere from 3-4 hours after I start feeling sick (flu-like) and get muscle pain (usually in the back) that get bad enough to make me nauseous.

As most folk on this board can relate, I've contributed generously to the doctors "Porcshe" fund with unsatisfactory return. During my last visit my GP stated that I just need to move on (it's all in my head). I have had quite a list of testing including heart catederization (rule out heart disease):

- Almost every blood test imagineable (yes, including Lymes)
- 5HIAA Urine Test (for overactive adrenal gland testing)
- Hypoglycemia Test
- Chest X-Rays
- Stress Echo
- Heart Cathederization
- CT Scans of Chest and Abdomin
- HIDA Scan (Gall Bladder)

All tests returned favorable and the doctor has pretty much given up. I have an HMO, so it's definately not top-notch health care. I plan on getting better insurance next enrollment period at work, but that won't be untill Jan 2006. The doc wants me to keep exercising at small intervals and follow up with him next month. He has never mentioned CFS or Fibro as a possibility. Do you think I could be a likely candidate? I should mention that I have not experienced sore throat or swollen glands.

I did go see a fairly reputable ENT about my ringing ears/light headedness and he says I have nasal polyps that restrict my airways. He gave me some Flonase, but it's doing nothing. I may have to get them removed if the Flonase doesn't help. I've only had one day that I would consider a serious dizzy spell.

I have good days and bad days, but haven't felt 100% for many months.

Please share your opinions. Sorry for the extensive post! Thank you for your time, support and advice!



A classic symptom of CFIDS is that 6 to 9 month period at the onset of the illness where the symptoms of fatigue, fluey feeling etc., never abate. Did you have this? Visit the CFIDS foundation home page, but I'm pretty certain this has to have occured in order to receive the diagnosis. This is pretty easy to identify because you wake up one day extremely ill, don't know why, and this doesn't change for months on end. I remember I got my will in order when I was going through that 12 years ago. That's how sick I felt. But of course the unknowingness of what one has makes it even worse.

This said, I'm sure there are exceptions to everything and the rest of your symptoms do fit the profile, including the chest pain mimicking heart problems.
If you haven't already, I would do even more research and visit other forums. Through this process, you will eventually [I]know[/I] what you have regardless what the doctors tell you. Most doctors haven't a clue when it comes to this illness.

All the best!

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