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Re: Weight Loss
Mar 1, 2005
Hi Lamotta

I haven't been on this board and was just checking it as I have a friend with possible CF...I read your post with great interest because I recognised so many of the symptoms of cachexia in myself and wanted to talk to you more about this.

I am 20, 5'6" and around 112-115lbs. I suffered from anorexia since the age of 11 but have spent the last couple of years trying to recover and I am now much better. However there are some things that bother me...I am ALWAYS exhausted, not even just tired but exhausted...I get up at 6.30am and have to go to bed at 8.30-9pm because I am just so tired. I feel as though I never have any energy and feel quite weak and sometimes my arms and head and legs just feel so heavy it's a struggle to do anything. I get a lot of sleep and most of the time sleep straight through, but I never feel as though I have had enough sleep because I'm always exhuated. I also try to eat breakfast, a small lunch and dinner every day but often I'm just not hungry and feel awful if I do eat. The problem is because of my past experience with anorexia everyone gets so concerned if I skip a meal I have to eat to keep them happy, even when I feel full already and even if I haven't eaten much else during the day.

Sorry for going on about this, I just wanted to get your opinion as to whether I should see a doctor or whatever...

Other symptoms that go with what you posted: I get ill a lot: I am still shaking off a cold that I got last October, and I also suffer from constipation even though I eat loads of vegetables and take lactulose when I have to...don't know if this fits in with the cachexia symptoms? I have also suffered from depression in the past and get a random pain in the right hand side of my chest which I've had since last october, and i get shortness of breath sometimes just when I'm sitting down, it feels like it does when I'm nervous about something.

Do you think that perhaps I should see a doctor about all this? I don't want to go in there and be a nuisance if there's nothing wrong. If it is cachexia is it something serious, or is there nothing much that can be done? Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm just really curious because I've always thought I was just strange for always feeling rubbish, I never actually put it all together before like this :)

Any help you can give would be really appreciated!

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