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I am in my early 40s and had all the classic Chronic Fatigue symptoms – tremendous weakness (I couldn’t stand up some days), swollen lymph nodes, strange severe muscle aches, difficulty concentrating, poor sleep quality, etc. In my case it seems to have been due to EBV and/or CMV [I tested positive for EBV and CMV about two months after the symptoms began and was negative for EBV and CMV two months before the symptoms began (I worked for a company that banked my blood so I was able to have my past blood draws tested)]. The doctors were no help, so I tried various diets. One thing I noticed was that when I ate a lot of red globe grapes I felt a little better (I didn’t eat the seeds or skin). Eating other types of grapes (various seedless types), raisins, or grape juice didn’t seem to help. More significantly, each time I had a major relapse I had stopped eating the red globe grapes (only available where I live ~9 months of the year – there are gaps between the Californian, Mexican, and Chilean harvests). Based on these observations during my last severe relapse I began taking a grape seed extract capsule. That was 18 months ago. My health and strength have steadily improved without any significant relapses. At this point I now consider myself fully recovered.

I do not know how successful this approach will be for others, but it is certainly easy enough to try. I take one capsule a day with breakfast (the brand I have been using is Paradise Herbs Super Activin grape seed extract – it is sold at various health stores including the Whole Foods Market). I also have a healthy diet – lots of fruits, raisins, and vegetables, whole grains, lots of dairy (cheese), and very little processed sugar – but I started the healthy diet over a year before I started taking the grape seed extract, so, while the healthy diet may have contributed to my recovery, the grape seed extract seems to have been the critical ingredient.

If anyone tries the grape seed extract please post your results.

Good luck.


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